James Garfield

Bricoda Reid

Meet James Garfield- Backround infromation

  • Born on Cuyahoga County, Ohio, 1831
  • His father died when he was 2
  • He served as a canal boat team driver, earning enough money for and education
  • HE graduated in 1856 from Williams Collage in Massachusetts
  • He soon returned to Ohio and became a Classics Professor at Western Reserve Eclectic Institute.
  • Married
  • Preecher
  • sevral children

Basic Information

  • Full name: James Garfield
  • Political Party: Republican
  • Presidential Number: 20th President of The United States
  • Years of Presidency: 200 days due to assasination
  • Garfields V.P.: Chester A. Arthur
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Qualifications/ Traits

  1. Elected into the Ohio senate in 1859 (Republican)
  2. successfully led a brigade at Middle Creek, Kentucky, against Confederate troops (1862)
  3. Ohio elected Garfield into Congress (1862)
  4. At 31, Garfield became a brigadier general
  5. two years (1864) later a major general of volunteers.
  6. 18 years repeatingly won his re-election, becoming the leading republican in the house
  7. 1880- Garfield ran for president and won by only 10,000 Popular voates against his Democratic nomanee- Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock


  • reform post office department
  • Increase power of president over senate
  • Conserned about civil rights
  • Wanted to recoment a universal education sysytem funded by fedrial government
  • appointed sevral former slaves to government posistions
  • Do to assasination he was able to do little to nothing as being in office for around two months with bedrest do to sevire confiction gunshot wounds after dieing two months later do to infection and and artery in his heart exsploding


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