Much Ado About Nothing

English 11 Project By: Matthew Korpan

Jennifer Lawrence as Hero

In the movie Hero was portrayed as a very beautiful, gentle and Kind young lady who will be loyal to Claudio. I believe Jennifer Lawrence would be a great person to play Hero because I think she Beautiful like hero, so she would be a good physical fit . Also I think she would be able to act like a very kind, gentle and be a loyal wife to Claudio.

Adam Sandler as Benedick

In the movie Benedick is kind of a goofy guy just like Adam Sandler is in most of his movies. I believe Adam Sandler would represent a goofy guy who has no intention of falling in love, just like Benedick. Also physically they don't have a lot in common but they are pretty similar in body size.

Kevin Durand as Don John

To me in the movie "Much Ado About Nothing" Don John appears as the tough bad guy who's out looking for trouble. The reason I chose Kevin Durand to play him is Because in many movies he is in, he's considered a bad guy, just like Don John. Also Kevin Durand appears physically as a big, buff, good looking guy just like Don John did in the movie.

People Do Crazy Thigs For Love

Theme song- Grenade By:Bruno Mars

The theme I chose to express was that "People do crazy things for love". I believe there are may examples of this in the play. The song I chose to represent this theme was "grenade" by Bruno Mars, this song literally displays tons of crazy things that someone wold do for love. In the play Beatrice convincing Benedick to kill Claudo for ruining Hero's reputation, which is crazy because Claudio is one of Benedick's best friend. That example shows how Benidick would do something as crazy as murder to show his love to Beatrice. In the song Grenade one line says " I would catch a grenade for you" and another one says "I would jump in front of a train for you". If those two sayings don't demonstrate love for someone I dont know what would. In conclusion I believe that this song perfectly represents the theme of "People do Crazy things for love".

Some lyrics from "Grenade" By: Bruno Mars

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Bruno Mars - Grenade [OFFICIAL VIDEO]