French Polynesia

The most wonderful place on earth

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The Land/Climate

The French Polynesia's Wonderful Tropical Climate is soothing and warm all year. It has smooth winds all year as well. From December to February this glorious country has a tropical rain seasons. French Polynesia's environment has a variety of plants, brush, ferns, and grasses on its 5 archipelagos. There are few land snakes or any other reptiles on the French Polynesia besides harmless geckos that eat mosquito. There are lots of sea creatures like coral and fish in the clear blue oceans of French Polynesia. Their are lots of land forms to see on this great island like the large lagoons, colossal coral reefs, and volcano peaks.


French Polynesia has no official religion so you won't be judged on your religion. People there speck French and Tahitian. They fly the French flag and their own.



French Polynesia has a democratically elected parliamentary system. Their currency is called the CFP franc. Their main exports are cultured pearls, coconut products, mother-of-pearl, vanilla, and shark meat. Their GDP per ca pita is 26,100 (2012 est.). The capital is called Papeete. The laws their are the same as the laws in French.

Tourist Attractions

French Polynesia has wonderful places like the Bora Bora which is an island that is a perfect spot for scuba diving and is a hot spot for popular luxury resorts. Another magnificent place to go to is the Notre Dame Cathedral in the capital Papeete. It is a late 19th-century church that serves as a cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Papeete. It is where the whole island tours start because it has survived the tidal wave in 1906, the bombing of Germans in 1914, Cyclones in 1983, and riots in 1987. Another great wonder of French Polynesia was the Robert Wan Pearl Museum. It is the only museum that is dedicated to pearls. It obtains several kinds of beautiful gems called pearls and the biggest record setting pearl. But my favorite attraction is the swim up hotel rooms out in the water.

Reviews (Quotes and Stories)

The ratings for French Polynesia are through the roof with comments like "The Maitai Hotel over water beach bungalow should be considered an aquatic adventure" and "This place is pretty special. It's a long flight out here, no mater where you came from, so it was nice to have someone greet you at the airport" which are both 5 star reviews. Even the Magnificent Mrs.Betancourt was amazed at just the pictures of French Polynesia.

By Garrett Stevenson