Roman Empire

By: Madi Gray


I did my project on the Roman Empire. My first topic sentence is called Decline and Fall.My second topic is about The Early Kings of Rome.Last of all my third topic is about A Whole Nation Goes on Strike. I learned a lot about all three of these topics.I found this project enjoyable and i hope you will too.

Decline and Fall

From the years of 180 to 284, the senate recognized 27 men as Emperors. The word Emperor means " One ruling an empire". Over the years , the senate progresivly deprived off his powers.The senate was now no more than the city council of Rome.The western part of the empire suffered repeated attacks.This happened because they called the attackers "Barbarians".

The Early Kings of Rome

The early Romans didn't keep any written records. Their history was so mixed with mythsthat historians