3A: A Week at a Glance

week ending April 15, 2016

A Note From Mrs. Adams

- We will be heading to the garden on Thursday, April 28th. This is also "Take Your Child to Work Day". If your child is here that day and you are available to assist in the garden, I could use some volunteers! I'm not sure what our activity is out there yet, but I promise you don't need to know about gardening to help us!! Please email me if you're interested in volunteering!

- PARCC begins Tuesday April 19th and runs through April 29th (with the exception of the 28th, which is a testing break day). Get lots of sleep and have a healthy breakfast! Please pack a healthy snack and lunch, limiting sugar (especially the second week of testing, when we're scheduled to test after lunchtime!)

- If your child is going to work with you on Thursday the 28th, please be sure to fill out the form so we can mark them excused. (It also gives me a heads up.)


- If you'd like to order books from Scholastic, please place the order by the end of the day Monday. I will submit all orders then. Be sure to use our class code so I get notified of the order. LFVF9 - https://clubs2.scholastic.com/ - click on "parents" and it will ask for our class code.

Kinesthetic Math Movements!

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By Gigi and Mikaela

This week in school we went on a scavenger hunt for polygons in our class. When we were looking for them, our class found an octagon that was a stop sign. We also found squares on the sink cabinets. We couldn’t believe that there were shapes everywhere! Then we took pictures on the iPad using the app Pic Collage. Pic Collage is an app where you take a picture of something and you make it into a collage. You can add labels and arrows to tell about each picture. We had fun making our Pic Collage in math this week!

We also got to create shapes with our bodies. We had fun getting in different polygon shapes. We took pictures using an app called Sketch, and after taking the pictures, we wrote the name of the shapes on Sketch. What a fun way to learn!

What Does the Shape Say?

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by Anna & Fletcher

In 3-Adams math we did something fun,cool,and awesome. Everyone knows the hit single “What does the fox say?” But now we have another 3A original, “What does the shape say?” First we got into groups, then Mrs. Adams assigned each group a shape. Each group got their post-it's and started to write down the attributes of their shape. Then they turned their attributes into a rap. We shared them with our class. After the group presented, the rest of the class had to guess what shape they had. This was so much fun!

3A What Does a Shape Say

Scavenger Hunt on Pic Collage

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by Dominic and Maya

This week in 3A we did math that Mrs. Adams made so much fun! She made it fun by making a scavenger hunt. We had to look all around the room and try to find polygons! At the end of the hunt, we found a lot of polygons. Some we found were on books, flags, cups and even on our curtains. We had a lot of fun and now we can't wait for our next math lesson, because we know it will be fun!

Pretzel Polygon Pics

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by Maddie and Owen

Have you ever made polygons out of pretzels? Well 3A has! Mrs. Adams told us to use Pic Collage on the iPad. It's an app where we take pictures and make a collage, but we made a special collage. Our pictures were of... PRETZEL POLYGONS! We started off by making the polygon pretzel shapes and taking a picture of it. After we were done taking a picture, we labeled the shapes' attributes. Attributes are things that make shapes their shape! For example, a square has to have four sides, all the same length, and four right angles. Sadly, for this project, we had to break into two groups. Mrs. Adams had odds at one group and evens at another. Odds did the pretzels first while evens were doing another polygon activity at the bean table. When the odds were ready, they went onto Pic Collage, picked a background (and you could search any fun kind you want!). Then after we took pictures of our pretzels, we moved them around on the screen. When we finished, we saved them. Some of them are shown below as we were working on them.

We bet you would have as much fun as us if you tried what we did. We hope you try it and make pretzel polygons!

Social Studies Web Quest

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by Grayson & Kat

This week in 3A we studied the Lenape Indians and we had a lot of fun with it. For example we made quilts, went on a webquest, and listed facts down about the Lenape. When we were making our quilts we had to put three different symbols or pictures to represent something we have learned about the Lenape. I think if you studied the Lenape Indians you would have a lot of fun … because we did!!!

Opinion Writing & Speeches

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by Audrey and Brady

This week 3A wrote more opinion writing. To get some ideas we watched a video of Severn Suzuki. She is a girl who spoke in front of the United Nations. She made a speech to save the environment. Our class thought it was a powerful speech. We wrote the sentences that were powerful on a post-it. And we took her ideas and tired them in our own opinion writing. Our class thought it was a fun experience to see other people's speeches. Our class is going to soon make their final copy of our powerful speeches. 3A also shared their speeches to their writing buddies and hopefully soon share them with you too. 3A learned to really write speeches with lots of power and details. 3A had a blast doing their opinion writing. We learned a lot of new things in our new writing unit. Overall 3A had a blast with opinion writing.

Introducing our Star Student... Fletcher!