Germs In Our Everyday Lives.

By Violet Ritter

Do you know how many germs you touch in your average day?

Say today you went to the bank, washed the dishes and the table, and watched some T.V. You just touched billions and billions and billions, of germs more than usual because these are some of the most germ filled objects in our life.

The germs you touch everyday.

When you went to the bank and signed a document, you (if you don't have your own) used the pen everyone else just touched and you know the bank doesn't wash their pens. (Unless they're that nice) So you just absorbed a butt load of germs, eww! Then you washed the dishes and when you clean them the food has germs, then they increase in wet areas so you just spread the germs all over the table, gross! Finally, the famous T.V. remote, you could only imagine what germs is on that thing. Just think the kids use it to put something on after they just ate and came home from school, and know the remote feels like it was there too. I hope you realize the importance of washing your hands, and I hope you get the clorox wipes right now!