Reading is Succeeding

How is your classroom culture?

Building that classroom culture

Some questions to keep in mind as you build your classroom culture -

  • How do you want students to record information about the book they are reading or the book you are reading aloud? Do they need to turn and talk before recording any information?
  • Is there a set time to use the classroom library? Can everyone go at one time?
  • How do students use literacy stations? What should they do when supplies are out at a station?
  • How do students go to a station? Do students choose which station or does the teacher? When do students rotate to a different station?
  • Do you want students to complete a reading log? Is the log only for "at home" reading?
  • What should students do if they don't know a word while reading? Should they ask a specific person - or you?
  • Do you want students to have the same partner on the rug? How do you want them to respond to what is being read?

Please remember these things should be set in place the 1st two weeks of school and be followed throughout the year. Please try to be as consistent as possible with students. You may need to review these items after extended holidays or as new students enroll.

Literacy Back-to-School Super Saturday - September 12th @ Carnahan Elementary

What is Immersion

One of the definitions of 'Immersion' is 'deep mental involvement' and that is a way of looking at what the district is asking us to do with our new curriculum. We want students to have a deep mental involvement with the genre they are focused on.

Remember, we are stepping away from a story-a-week, skill-a-week and test on Friday. In completing the anchor chart we are looking for what students notice and can name (they already know this) and also what they don't notice - that is what you need to teach. So use the anchor chart as a pre-assessment tool so that you will know exactly what to teach for each genre. This will also help with differentiating for students.

In future planning meetings please bring a book of the genre your grade level is working on that you feel is a good example. We will share and look through them for our own noticings that fit your KUDs. I will start a google doc to help us with plan for books that support both the genre and your KUDs. Please take time to read books for this.

Testing Calendar

Remember, the TPRI window opens on Tuesday, September 8th for Grades 1 and 2.

The IRI window opens for Grades 3 through 5 on Tuesday, September 8th.