September Newsletter 2015

News, Announcements, & MORE for the Team of Jenn Stovern

Happy September!

Hi Girls on Fire! Welcome to our new way of getting the word out -- our monthly newsletter! We have some changes and new info to pass on, not to mention recognition to give! Once a month, you can expect our team newsletter in your inbox!

Top Achievers in August

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Top Achievers in August 2015

Top Sales

Kelsey Gibbs $1126

Top Team Builder

Kelsey Gibbs with 2 new team members!

Most Parties Held in August

Jenn Stovern with 5 parties held (time for some of you ladies to beat me! :D)

Incentive Update

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I still owe some of you ladies incentives from MAY. Yikes! Anyone who got active before May 10th gets a half sheet from me...and that will be corrected by the end of the month.

Mandi Bogan

Jillian Powers

Kelsey Gibbs

Kassi Thomason

...This means YOU! Keep an eye on your mailbox!

Let's Get Moving!

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Are you interested in learning MORE about your direct sales business? Do you want to make more money and grow your team?

Do you want a customized plan just for you?

Then twice a month coaching calls might be right up your alley!

30 minutes twice a month can change your business and your life.

This applies to anyone, regardless of where you are on your Jamberry journey or who your sponsor is. Everyone is welcome!

Email me for more details at with the Email Title "Let's Do This!"

Time for a Little Housekeeping

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I wanted to do a little housekeeping at the end here to just make a couple of clarifications.

Team Page

For now, the team page has been put on "pause." There are a lot of reasons for this but the main one is that I want to get to know people better on our large team and work one on one with our team members! :D You can expect a return of our team page at some time in the future but I am not sure of the date yet. Feel free to send me PM's with questions or tag me in Glam Jams for the time being <3

Team Name

Our team name will also be changing. There are a lot of reasons for this as well, and a big part of it is that I want this to be a fresh season for our team as a whole. <3 We are going to be Team Dream Makers! You will see that change on our next newsletter. :D

About Team Dream Makers

We have beautiful nails and beautiful hearts and believe in leaving a little sparkle wherever we go. Jamberry is changing our lives every day, and we are becoming leaders in our homes, business, and community.

We are a team of brave, kind, and smart women who make dreams come true!