Foods around the world

By Tamara Russell

Western Europe

-They have good wet climates that are good for supporting sheep,cattle,chicken,and pigs.

-countries that are located here are the UK,Germany,France,

-Some specific foods are here are fish and chips which come from the UK and a baguette from France.

Fish and chips are deep fried fillets served with fried potatoes sprinkled with salt and vinegar. Banquettes are a certain type of bread bought or made and eaten with every meal.

Northern Europe

-This area extends to an arctic circle.

-Some countries are Denmark and Sweden.

-Some foods are A smorgasbord which is a buffet laden with cured fish,cold meats,cheeses,salads and vegetables which is from Sweden. Another food would be lutefisk from Norway.This dish has dried cod soaked in culinary ash and water.

The mediterranean cuisine

-Their diet is based on whole grains,fresh fruits and vegetables,fish and poultry with small amounts of meat and dairy.

-countries are Spain and Portugal.

-Foods are dolma from Greece which is stuffed vegetable dish.Also A Greek dish is moussaka casserole with lamb,eggplant,tomatoes in a custard with many other seasonings.

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