Types of Mining and Fracking

By Trey, Morgan, Jill


Surface mining is easier and safer than sub-surface mining but, surface mining causes less damage to ecosystems.

Strip Mining

Strip mIning is when you strip rocks and earth to get coal. This causes large amounts of waste and rocks on the surface.

Open Pit Mining

Mining technique of extracting rock or mineral from the earth by the removal of a open pit. Open pit mining causes the land to cave in.

Mountain Top Removal

Mountain top of removal is when you remove the top of mountains to reveal coal. It makes big holes in the ground that destroys landscapes.

Slope mining

Slope mining is a shaft that goes down in a slope way to get desired material. Slope mining causes landslides.

Drift Mining

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Drift mining is cutting into the side of the earth rather than tunneling downward. It can cause mountains to cave in on itself.

Shaft mining

Shaft mining is a vertical passageway used for access to an underground. It can cause earth and waste to come up to da earf.


Fracking is a type of mining. Fracking is when people drill down into da earf with high pressured water. it can cause water contamination and uses alot of water.