April Team Highlights

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Hello there fabulous stylists! Congratulations on BLOWING UP APRIL!

We are going to Hoopla as a Director team! WAY TO WORK TOGETHER! THANK YOU for working your businesses, cheering each other on, and trusting in me! I am so grateful for your efforts to hit your own goals and work as a team to hit our greater team goals. Whether you sold one bracelet or had your best month ever, you contributed to the TQV for Sparkling Pride to achieve this recognition rank! I hope you know how very special this is! I loved watching you all SHINE during this peak time for shopping, and I am humbled by what we were able to achieve as team sharing sparkly SDJOY. So CHEERS to ALL of us! XOXO

Congratulations to everyone, and I can't wait to celebrate with you! I hope you will be able to join us at one or more of these upcoming events:

Home Office Scoop!

Full details in the Stylist Lounge, make sure you are in the know!

Website down time THIS WEEKEND 5/8-5/9! Be prepared!

Next Opportunity Webinar is THURSDAY 5/19

New stylist sign up bonus extended til 5/6!

Stella&Dot on QVC 5/16!

Stella&Dot on CBS!

Share this amazing video with your customers!


Shout out to all of these fabulous stylists who had sales in April! You contributed to our team volume of $62,843! WOWZA! THANK YOU for working your businesses, whether you sell one pair of earrings or have 4+ trunk shows, it all counts for our team!

Marsha Lewis

Anna Pingitore

Sonja Henderson

Kimberly Perry

Carrie Bierlein

Gina Dillon

Lynette Fletcher

Lauresa T Washington McCoy

Alonda Thompson

Leigh Smyczek

Shannon Cuniak

Stacey Dangel

marissa lombardo

Megan Peterson

Ashley Baker

Jessica Norris

Amanda Hackman

Franki Grant

Lorna Bautista

Trina Gooden

These stylists all qualified by selling $500+, and are earning business supply credits and the opportunity to get leads from the Home Office!

PLUS month 1 "in" for the $500 for $99 StyleFix pass!!

Colleen Serrano

Rebecca Friedenberg

Danica Popovich

Tiffanie Small

Nellie Zamborsky

Deborah Parsons

Alyssa Bert

Shauna Polito

Laura Carranza

Shoshuna Akerman

Brianna Iachini

Congratulations Jodie Okonowicz!

Jodie and her team of Phuong Besancon, Carrie Bierlein, Danielle Speck, and Laura Muller were ready for the seasonal style change up that lead to an awesome business boom for us in April! Jodie herself was in the TOP 10 for our team in sales, qualified trunk shows, AND qualified new stylists! Enjoy that $250 first-time promotion bonus, and your special leadership recognition charm is coming your way! Another $250 bonus awaits if you hit your payrank again within 6 months!

Congratulations Amie Myrick!

Amie is always one of the top sellers on our team. It is no surprise that she is coaching her new stylists Debbie Parsons and Kim Perry to do the same! When she saw that a promotion was possible, she worked with her team to make it happen! With the addition of new stylist Lynnette Fletcher, I know they are already gunning for their next team promotion and working a plan!! Enjoy that $100 first-time bonus! Another $100 bonus awaits if you hit your payrank again within 6 months! And congratulations on earning your leadership bracelet and first charm!!

Congratulations Kate Walker!

Kate is taking her new business and working it!! She had strong personal sales, and coached her new stylist Janell Apicella to launch successfully to achieve this promotion during her Jumpstart!!! Enjoy that $100 first-time bonus! Another $100 bonus awaits if you hit your payrank again within 6 months! And congratulations on earning your leadership bracelet and first charm!! You will also get a special charm for promoting in your Jumpstart! It will be so awesome to show that off!

Special THANK YOU to these AMAZING leaders for hitting leader payranks! This takes true teamwork to accomplish, and when stylists earn payrank it also helps our team to hit goals! Thank you for leading your teams!

Kristin Biggs, Star Stylist

Korin Copetta, Star Stylist

Jodie Okonowicz, Senior Stylist

Amber Norwood, Senior Stylist

Kate Walker, Associate Stylist

Andrine Walker, Associate Stylist

Amie Myrick, Associate Stylist

Megan Booz, Associate Stylist

Welcome to our newest team members!

Congratulations on launching your business with Stella&Dot! We are thrilled to have you on our team!

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