Foolish Men

Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

Reflection on Poem

Though studying Sor Juana deeper, I learned that shew as an amazing woman, whose intelligence made her different than many of the other women during her times. Her intelligence, I feel is both an award and something that puts her in tough positions. Because she was smart, the men often tried to find other ways to belittle her. Such as, the scene in the movie, when she is with the council and they are questioning her and they think they have her stumped. Then she comes back and answers the question swiftly. These types of situations, helped to form her opinion on men and is greatly depicted in her poem. "You foolish men who lay the guilt on women, not seeing you're the cause of the very thing you blame." In this poem Sor Juana is saying that the men are the the ones who are causing the problems and not matter which direction or action women take the men will find reason to belittle them and mock them. During this time I believe her words held true and that women had guidelines to follow, with little freedom for difference.

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

This picture of Sor Juana gave me a sense of normality. The picture depicts her a typical nun, who is sitting beside an open bible perhaps studying, or reading verses. Through our reading and past knowledge of Sor Juana, having a deeper background, I then had a change of feelings toward the picture. I feel that, she didn't exactly want herself depicted as how she was in reality. An intelligent, swift, and strong woman. To her she was just being her, and this didn't need to be exposed in painting or any other works. A great example of this was her response to one of the writings, the was taken and published, without her consent. To her she was just giving her thoughts and concerns, but to others her work was amazing and something to be admired.

By Kannu Thorpe