Important Upcoming Dates |

☂️🌷April |

4/19 - 5/7: 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade State Testing window

4/29: 5th Grade Parent End of the Year Activity Meeting @9:30am via Zoom

🌺☀️May |

5/4 - 5/7: Hero Appreciation Week

5/11: EPS 2021 Bond Vote

5/25: PTO Meeting @9:30am in the Heritage Cafeteria & Live on our PTO Facebook.


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🚙 Hi Heritage Families,

During spring dismissal time, it is not unusual for us to have inclement weather. So it’s really important for us all to work together as a team so that we can accomplish dismissal is as safe, efficient and orderly manner. We are asking all families to please read this note and then to accomplish a few things while we to tweak a few things here at school.

Our biggest challenge is cancellation of Neighborhood Pickup because that moves about 100 more kids into Car Rider Pickup.

We will cancel Neighborhood Pickup only for lightening, thunder, hail, or torrential rain. We will try to make a decision by 3:15, earlier is possible. (Last Friday, it didn’t start thundering until 3:15.) Cancelation will be sent by email and posted on the Heritage Elementary Facebook Page.

Families we need your help with:

1. Please come up with a back-up plan so your children and their teachers know what to do when Neighborhood is canceled.

2. Our dismissal system operates off of a number system. Every family has been given two visor tags and a backpack tag for each child. We key in the number on your car visor tag that sends a message especially to your children’s classrooms telling them you are in the parking lot. We really need you to have the number tag hanging from your visor/mirror. The system will not accept names.

3. Please make sure the number tag is also on your children’s back packs. By the end of the day, children are tired/inattentive and our littles don’t know big numbers. Having the visual reference of a yellow numbered tag is essential for staff handling dismissal to see.

4. If your back-up plan is for your children to ride home with a neighbor/carpool, please make sure the neighbor/carpool has a tag with your children’s number on it.

You’re doing a great job:

We know the line is long. Cars are doing an amazing job pulling on to the shoulder of the road so that traffic can continue on Sorghum Mill and Broadway.

​Thank you for taking turns so both eastbound and westbound cars can enter the parking lot.

​We appreciate how slowly and carefully you are driving to keep everyone safe.

At the beginning of the year, we told you that if you lost the number/visor tags, you would need to purchase new ones. We are not going to make you do that the last 5 weeks of school. Please help us out, if you have lost yours, make a new one.

One of our favorite quotes is by Helen Keller, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” Let’s Go Team Hero!!! Let’s work together to make this dismissal safe and efficient.

Thank you sooooo much,

Cathey Bugg, Principal

Upcoming Dates 🗓

✏️📚3rd, 4th & 5th grade State Testing Schedule

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🎉5th Grade Parents,

There will be a meeting on Thursday, April 29 at 9:30 AM to discuss end of year activities. You will be emailed a link to the meeting. All 5th grade parents are invited.

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🎸🙌❤️ Hero Appreciation Backstage VIP Breakfast Sign-up| Monday, May 3rd!

All donated items can be brought to the office by Friday, April 30!

📝❤️ Hero Appreciation Notes ❤️📝

Your’re a Rockstar because..” Notes will be sent home with a Monday, April 24th. Fill out the Notes and have your child drop their note in the bucket near the redbud tree by
Thursday, April 29!


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Extra Printable Copies

🎉 PTO Information 🎉

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⚡️🎉Shirts have been DELIVERED! |

T-shirts were delivered Thurs. April 15th to your oldest child’s classroom!!

**If your order has an incorrect size, please email us at Edmondheritagepto@gmail.com

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💡Important Info 💡

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🚙 🥪🧃 Updated drive-thru schedule, starting Monday, April 26th! 🚙🧃🥪

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We are excited to announce that ENHS Summer Youth Camp is back! Sign up, invite your friends, and spread the word! We can't wait to see your kids this summer. Use the link in the information square for details, and registration.

Link: https://tinyurl.com/enhsyouthcamp

🎉🏈 Edmond Youth Tackle Football & Cheerleading Camps

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💜 Hope Project 2021 💜

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💜Mental Health & Counseling Resources |

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🧃🥪School Lunch Info🥪🧃

Online Payment Plus


April 2021 Menus



Pre-K Lunch

Virtual Students

PK – 11:55
Gr 2 – 11:10
Gr 1 – 11:40
Gr K – 12:10
Gr 3 – 12:40
Gr 4 – 1:10
Gr 5 – 1:35

Students who have late lunch will have snack in the morning. Students who have early lunch will have snack in the afternoon.

⬇️Click Here ⬇️

🧃🥪Grab and Go Meals | FREE for EVERYONE!!! | goes through JUNE 30, 2021

Great News! The Department of Agriculture has extended a federal waiver allowing school districts across the country to offer free meals to all children until June 30, 2021! All children (18 & under) may receive free meals regardless of meal status. Both in-school and drive-through meals are free. You may pick up one breakfast and one lunch each day. Second meals and extra items will be charged as usual. For more specifics, call the Child Nutrition department at 340-2889.

Heritage Location:

Just drive by the east side of the school on Monday-Friday (even Wednesday) between 10:30am -10:45am , and we’ll hand you a bag.

* Click here for school-specific Drive-Thru times/locations

❗️Substitutes Needed ❗️

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Watch D.O.G.S.

Dads, Uncles, Grandpas are you interested in volunteering at Heritage? We are looking for WatchDOGS. It is a one day commitment where you will be helping around the school and in the classrooms and having lunch and recess with your student. All WatchDOGS will be required to wear a mask and sign in with Lobby Guard. If you have any questions, please call Mrs. Drees at 405-726-4965or email at marsha.drees@edmondschools.net

WatchDOGS signup link is below!

❤️ Volunteer Opportunities at Heritage 💙

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❤️Support Heritage❤️

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