HEM Spanish Department Newsletter

Welcome to Our Second Language of Instruction Section

Our Mission Statement

Hammond Eastside Elementary Magnet School empowers students to become internationally minded and compassionate citizens who reflect on local and global challenges and actively contribute to peaceful resolutions. Through inquiry-based learning, students make conceptual connections which are engaging, relevant, challenging, and significant to lifelong learning.

Dear Parents/Guardians

¡Bienvenidos! Me llamo Nickson Elidor. I will be your child’s Spanish teacher this year. We are beginning an exciting International Baccalaureate journey together as your child learns more about other languages and cultures around the world. The Spanish program is centered on a communicative approach that incorporates the four main language skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing that are used in everyday life. In order to supplement the work we do in class, students will be required to complete homework assignments and periodic projects, so please check our class webpage at http://www.oncoursesystems.com/school/webpage.aspx?id=377457 for updates. Please, check below for some of the Topics that will be covered this year in our 2nd and 3rd grade curriculum:

Our Curriculum

2nd and 3rd Spanish includes;

  • Greetings and Salutations
  • Introducing self and others
  • Personal feelings
  • Numbers 1-60
  • School supplies, classroom objects and people at school
  • Colors (6-10)
  • Shapes (6-8))
  • Body parts (6-10)
  • Animals (6-8)
  • Descriptions of objects and people
  • The calendar and expressing dates
  • Basic math in Spanish
  • School subjects
  • Activities that take place in the classroom
  • Seasons and weather expressions
  • Describing personal actions and those of others
  • Cultural practices, traditions, and holidays in Spanish-speaking countries