The Industrial Revolution

Changing modern day society to this day!

The cause and effect of the industrial revolution!

The industrial revolution was started when people wanted things to be mass produced in large quantities which then sparked the idea to build factories which is where all of the work that went into producing cloth and other materials took place.

During the industrial revolution there had to be things that took place during that time that caused some effect on modern day society. The effect was that the factories provided jobs for people, even though the working conditions may have not been the greatest it still payed. It allowed for mass production of products and cloth.

The start and end of the industrial revolution 1790-1945

timeline during the industrial revolution

The industrial revolutions tarted around 1790 and ended somewhere between 1935 and 1948. During this time there were many inventions that changed how they did work. One was the train, This was a huge ground breaking invention because it not only offered easy transport but it was an easy way to transport the goods that were being made in the factories, it not only saved time but it saved lives. There was the invention of the sewing machine which evolved to be one of the biggest industry's in Europe. The industrial revolution really opened Europe up to many new opportunity. During the industrial revolution Europe population sky rocketed!

The people who benefited most from this was the lower and middle class because the population growth mad the prices of goods go down which made them easier to afford.

Turning points

One major development during this time was the train and the rail road. Before the train people had to deliver goods which was dangerous when making long trips like the often had to. The railroad offered an easier and a safer alternative to the exchange of goods. Another big invention that sparked a turning point was the car because it offers easier travel. Another huge Turning point was the sewing machine because it turned into Europe's most dominant industry which in the long term provided a population increase and more trading because the cloth was being produced in mass quantities in the factories of the industrial revolution due to the large amount of supply and demand. This topic did grow over time and like every invention it grew and became more technologically advanced which made it simpler and easier to use while producing larger amounts of cloth in a shorter amount of time.

awful conditions!

during the industrial revolution London was ravaged with hunger and poverty. People where poor and often couldn't support there large family so they sent there children to go work in the coal mines of the factories. People often died of starvation or lack of health. The conditions were awful, waste flowed through the rivers and banks and all the factories emptied there waste into the streets or the water. The pictures down below are what London looked like at the time.
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The industrial revolution and today.

The industrial revolution sparked an entire job field. People today work in factories that make products due to supply and demand just like they did back then. Lots of inventions back then make life much easier for us today like the car is something almost every american has and the train is something that i use every day as well as millions of other Americans. It makes the transport of goods easier and still makes it safer to travel. It is significant to understand because this is why we have lots f the things we have today.