Comparison of world religions

Hope proctor


  • When Jesus died on the cross and the bible came
  • Jesus Christ
  • Monotheistic and god
  • Only one God Jesus is the son of god who died on the Cross and made eternal life possible
  • Jerusalem
  • 1st century CE
  • Jonah didn't listen to God and God got angry with him so when he went sailing with his crew a bad storm came they knew it was him and threw him over bored the storm stopped but instead of drowning Jonah got swallowed by a whale and stayed in its stomach for three days
  • 2 billion
  • By priest and ministers
  • Bible
  • Jews
  • Pastor and he leads the church


  • From the awakened or enlightened one
  • The Buddha
  • Neither monotheistic or polytheistic they had no god
  • Find peace by eliminating attachment to worldly things (nirvana) and they reach nirvana by following eightfold path
  • Began in northern India
  • Started in 5th century
  • The Buddha said that when you think something is true for so long when the real truth comes you won't believe it and the story that goes with this that a man has lost his son and was convinced he was dead and years late his son came back and the father didn't believe it was him
  • 362 million
  • By monks and nuns
  • They have many but one is dhammapada
  • Monks and nuns
  • Buddha is over it and monks and nuns are under it


  • By a guy named Confucius who started teaching about it and then people started following him
  • Confucius
  • Not really a god polytheistic
  • Government based on strong family relationships. Respect for elders and parents is important for well ordered society. Education is important in society and welfare
  • Small state Lu
  • Started in 479 Bce
  • A zookeeper said to the monkeys they will get three bananas in the morning and four in the after noon the monkeys where upset so they had an agreement that they will get four in the morning and three in the afternoon then they where happy the lesson is a change in phrase isn't always a change
  • 6.3 million
  • By people
  • The analects and the five classics
  • Confucius
  • Confucius is over it and confusionist the followers are under