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All animals are the same

Daniel Powell



All animals are the same

Did you know thousands of animals die each year? Yes they are because they are never adopted to have another life. They are just like people, have babies,eat,sleep,feed,grow,grow hair,etc. So why not treat them the same? But animals should go to no kill shelters for a second chance at life, and to stop animal abuse.

Animals second chance

All animals should be given chance at love,life,and happiness. Shelters will either keep animals as long as possible or give them to other shelters. Shelters say they save lives but if not adopted they will kill them! But hurricane and floods ruined shelters and animals who became in need of care. So in 2009 Lou Wegner founded kids against animal cruelty on Facebook. Lou also made a Facebook page that advertises dogs and cats that need to be adopted on it. Then a sophomore student, Amanda Iannuzzi advocated the law for protecting animals from abuse!

Helping teens helping animals

Did you know Lou is playing a big role in the battle of animal cruelty. Lou wanted to reach out to others teens to show the importance of animal cruelty. Lou also helped animals get a new owner on Facebook. Then another website helped over 60+ dogs and cats! Trade Me as well helped the dogs get an new home. Teens who help out have dogs in new homes, cares for the animals, and really wants to help. They additionally try to juggle work, chores, etc. People with big hearts volunteer every Friday at animal control so they try another life.

Animals might need to be adopted. Who doesn't want a best friend who can can cuddle with you or guard you at any cost. Whatever the reason is, you should at least adopted a dog or cat . In the near bye shelter is a animal waiting for you. please join in on act to stop animal abuse.