Much Ado About Nothing

Griffin Robaidek

3 Big Events

1: The planning

Following the disastrous wedding, Friar Francis prevents a paternal abuse by Leonato, and tries to get everyone to calm down. Knowing there must be trickery afoot, Friar calms everyone, and then tells everyone how they will clear Hero's name and reputation. This advances the plot by providing a remedy to the main problem. This shows Leonato and his determination to protect his family name, even if it means hurting his kid.
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2: Benedick and Beatrice fall in love with each other

They are tricked by the cast as to purposely have them eavesdrop individually on a conversation that the other loves them. They then swear to love them back, when in fact they already secretly do. This a dynamic change from the beginning of the play, where we see Beatrice and Benedick hurling insults at each other. This is a big event and moves the story along because it's a uniting collaboration between most of the characters of the story. It reveals that Beatrice and Benedick have falsely built up walls to hate the other when in fact they are in love.
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3: Wedding

The wedding is where Claudio, falsely tricked by the nefarious Don John, exposes Hero falsely as a whore. Claudio shames her and then leaves the wedding. Hero of course, is an emotional wreck, and her father is furious. Luckily, by the quick thinking of the friar prevents the scenario from getting out of hand. This moves along the plot by presenting a serious problem at a climatic point. The wedding reveals that Hero is truly in love, and is motivated to marry Claudio.
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Selena Gomez & The Scene - Love You Like A Love Song
I feel as though this song represents the book and play Much Ado About Nothing perfectly. From her singing about her love, to her singing about somebody she cant get out of her head, its just perfect. One perfect example from her song is when she sings, Which matched Benedick perfectly. About midway through the play, Benedick falls in love with Beatrice and cant keep her out of his head. Another example from the song is, "You are beautiful, like a dream come alive, incredible, a centerfold, miracle, lyrical." This perfectly explains how Claudio felt about Hero during the whole play. To finally finish it, the songs ties in amazingly with the play just because the plays main theme is love, which is the main theme about this song also.