By Alana Rater


Perseverance is the continued effort to achieve something despite difficulties, failures, or opposition. It is shown through out the whole wold in all different shapes and forms. Perseverance is shown in everyone and everything. In the following, you will be informed about a few of the most inspiring people right here in the US, or in the world, who have persevered. I hope you enjoy!

A carp gives a lesson in perseverance (problem solution)

In this old Japanese folk tale, a boy named Rosetsu learns not to give up. His master was Okyo, a famous Japanese painter. All of his other apprentices thought that Rosetsu was "dumb." Rosetsu was running home full of sadness and despair one day and fell asleep by a pond. He woke to the sound of thumping. Next to him a determined carp (a fish) was jumping at the ice trying to break it so it could get a piece of food on the surface. It was all bloody and wounded by the time it got the food, but all that time it did not give up and it got what it wanted. Because of this carp, Rosetsu was inspired to go back and become the best painter in all of Japan, and he did.

Two of the most amazing American gymnasts

Have you heard the story of the boy and the dog?

Owen and Haatchi (problem solution)

Owen was born with an extremely rare disability. Every time he moved it hurt him, and he was having such a hard time. Then, his parents surprised him with Haatchi. Haatchi also had a disability just like his new owner, except his was that his leg got run over by a train. Owen and Haatchi bonded instantly. They began going to dog shows together and even won first place in almost every one. Owen and his new friend could not be more happy together.

Give credit where credit is due

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