Ms. McSorley's News

December 7 - 11

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Friendly Reminders

This week starts the school food drive for families in Buffalo. More information was sent home last week on a red piece of paper. Please send the following items on their scheduled day:

Monday: Box of potatoes

Tuesday: Box of dessert mix

Wednesday: Can of vegetables

Thursday: Can of fruit

Friday: Box of Jello

Additionally, we will have a Giving Tree located in our media center. We are accepting donations for new winter clothing items such as hats, gloves, mittens, and scarves. Both child and adult sizes will be accepted. Donations will be accepted through Wednesday, December 23rd and donated to families in our district.

Finally, you will notice a blue slip of paper in your child's green folder on Monday. This form provides information for your child to participate in Artsonia, an online art gallery. You must follow the directions on the slip in order to see your child's artwork. While it is possible to fill out the information and send it back to school, for Mrs. Carlson's convenience, please sign up at home if possible.

Donors Choose

It is with great excitement that I share with you a Donors Choose opportunity for our classroom. is a website that allows teachers the opportunity to collect donations for classroom projects. Projects most often include technology for the classroom or book sets for a classroom library. The possibilities are endless!

In the last 4-5 weeks in our classroom, the students have been choosing "Smart Spots" to sit while they work. A lot of students prefer to work sprawled out on the floor in the classroom. I do have some additional furniture, such as a beach chair, a small bean bag, and a body pillow that students choose to use during work time. Other popular choices are my rocking chair and the guided reading table with stools. A small of group of 6-8 students still choose to work at a table spot.

It has been incredible to see how focused the students are on their learning when they have the ability to choose where they would like to complete their work. With this inspiration, I have decided to set up a Donor's Choose request for additional furniture. I am requesting floor cushions in order to lower a table for students who would like to sit on the floor but prefer to use a table. I am also requesting additional beanbags and backpatter seats. Additionally, I am asking for enough clipboards to make a class set. This will offer more students the opportunity to work from the floor should they choose to do so.

All of this to say: Donors Choose requests the use of some classroom pictures. While you have all signed permission for use of pictures with the district, I would like to verify your permission to use your child's picture for this project. If you would like your child excluded from any pictures used for Donors Choose, please let me know immediately. A letter will be sent home with your child on Monday in order for you to opt your child out of pictures.

Once the project is up and running, I would like to share the link with you. I think it's important to keep you updated on what is going on in our classroom. It will also be a great chance for you to see exactly what Donors Choose is. Of course, if you have the means to do so and would like to contribute, our class would be thrilled to accept your donation!

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This week, we will start theme 6: Community Workers. We will begin using the comprehension strategy of inferring. We will take what we already know (our schema) plus what we learn from the text to create new ideas about what we are reading.

At the end of the week, students will briefly be introduced nouns. They will learn that nouns are people, places, things, or ideas. They will be able to sort nouns into those four categories.

Our spelling words this week come from the -et and -ed families. They are as follows:

  1. bed
  2. get
  3. net
  4. red
  5. set
  6. it
  7. need
  8. be
  9. said
  10. +1 personal word to be chosen by your child on Monday morning

In Writer's Workshop we will start to work on organizing our writing. We have spent a lot of time prewriting and drafting. Now is the fun part! We will take the ideas we have so far and start organizing them into a beginning, middle, and end.


After testing on topic 7 on Monday, we will begin topic 8: Geometry!

In this first week of geometry, we will identify plane shapes and their properties. We will also practice making new shapes from shapes. Plane shapes we will focus on include rectangles, triangles, circles, and squares. We will also work with trapezoids and rhombuses. Properties will include the number of sides as well as the number of corners a plane shape has.