The National


MLK Day of Service at LMS

On January 18th, from 9:30 to 11:30, the LMS school will have a day of service. Everyone is welcome and there will be 6 different rooms. In one of the rooms will be childcare, a couple of people will do childcare. In another room there will be silverware wrapping. Another is donations/coupons. Another will be writing letters to the troops and get well cards to the people in hospitals, you also learn how to introduce yourself in different language. Another room you can get tech support. (How to skype, use drive, etc.) In the last room there will be knitting and crocheting lessons. It will be fun, you are welcome in any room. You can do any of these and in every room there will be a grown up and some students to help. It will be very fun and it will be amazing to have you all come and try the very first LMS MLK day!

Mystery Teacher

by: Shiamak Kalwachwala and MJ

Facts about this month's Mystery Teacher:

Decided to be a teacher after college

Grew up in Audubon, a small town in South Jersey

Has a Yorkie named Leon and a Chorkie (Chihuahua and yorkie mix) named Julie

Has an older brother named Tim

Her favorite sport to watch is boxing

Loves trivia

A plethora of knowledge

Loves to dance zumba lessons at gym

Can relate every life situation to Friends, Full House, and Saved by the Bell

Favorite teams are Jets and Yankees

Favorite food is scallops

Loves music and has memorized lyrics to many songs

Her favorite childhood memories are when her mother, father, and brother are talking, telling story and singing along the oldies.

Has 2 kids

Doesn’t have a twitter account

She and her kids have the exact same initials

Was a history major in college

Began to consider being a teacher in seventh grade

Has a saltwater fish tank with several different kinds of fish

LMS to Hershey Park


Friday, May 20, 2016 at 7am-10pm


leaving from 2455 Princeton Pike, NJ

More information:

Students are to arrive at the school at 6:45 am at door #4. Travelling to Elizabethtown College, judges will rate the music students from superior, excellent, or good. After the performance, charter buses will be used to transport the students to Hershey Park.


Every year, the LMS orchestra, chorus, and band fund raise to aid the lowering of cost of the trip. The 2015 price came from $125 per student to $75. In addition to that, the top 3 student fundraisers have the $75 covered!

Student Tips II

Getting Good Grades

1. Doing your Homework

Keep track of your homework. Write every assignment down in your planner as soon as you see it. You should also keep all of your assignments in a homework folder or binder; things will be neater that way. Do your homework as soon as you get home, that way, you won’t get distracted by anything else. As soon as you’re done with your homework, you should immediately put your homework back into your folder/binder so you don’t forget it at home.

2. Participate in Class

A lot of teachers give participation points in class. Even if they don’t, you should still participate to stay engaged in the lesson. Show the teacher that you are interested in learning about the subject. If you have a question, don’t be afraid to ask about it. You should also take notes in class. Don’t get lazy and say that you’ll get them from someone else because you will probably forget about it. Participating in class and taking notes will also help you with your homework if you forget something that you learned in class.

Student Tips: Winter Break Edition

As you all might know, winter break is starting on December 23. There are a lot of things that you should do before or during break. Before break, you should do the following things:

  • Clean out your locker (remove any food, old papers you don’t need, etc.)

  • Clean out your gym locker (remove any clothes that have been there for a while)

  • Bring all school things you’ll need over winter break and make sure they’re there before you leave the school

Here are some things you should do over break:

  • Sleep! Your body needs time to recover from waking up early (almost) everyday

  • Use your extra time to spend time with family!

  • Spend time outside if the weather is warm

  • Meet up with friends

After School Fun!

Who would have ever thought staying after school could be fun and rewarding at the same time? I didn’t, but now I do! The LMS After School Workshops are an assortment of clubs that offer additional learning in a fun and safe environment. There are clubs for math, reading, writing, technology, science, and even organizational skills.

In the National we spend our time writing articles for the school newspaper. Each person is assigned a topic to research and write about. Everyone then submits their writing piece to be put into Smore for the final paper. This club lets you be a reporter and help form the school newspaper.

If you’re curious about 3-D Printing, how Drones operate, coding, and robotics; the Technology club is the answer. Have lots of homework that you can’t complete? Look no further than The Homework club. Trouble with math? Well, the Math Lab will benefit you. How about reading? Then you would definitely like Battle of the Books. These are just a handful of clubs offered.

The Lawrence Middle School After School Workshops are open to everyone. The clubs meet on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2:55 until 4:00. They are free to anyone, but you can only pick three per session.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The news on everybody’s minds is the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. Not even the force can get you in last minute on opening night. “The desire is too strong.” Says Yoda. The first night is Thursday, Dec 17, of this week!

“The Force is strong in that movie.” Darth Vader tells me, the reporter.

Everyone is excited to see it, especially the old Star Wars fans. Everyone will want to see it, even if they didn't watch the first movies.

“The Force Awakens will make Stars Wars strong desire.” Yoda tells us.

The coming of the movie will make every one's heart leap with the Force inside them.

It will run for 2 hrs and 18 mins. The Stormtroopers will need a whole theater to themselves!

I hope you all can make it, no matter where you live, if it be from Dagobah to Tatooine!

Geography Bee

On Monday, January 4th, all 7th graders will be taking a quiz on their geography knowledge. The top students will move up to the National Geographic Geography Bee competition rounds. One student will remain after the wrath of the questions. The winner of the bee will take a test to qualify for the state bee. Last year, Simon Cull was the first ever student to make it to the state bee from LMS. Simon Cull is currently an 8th grader. Who will it “bee” this year?
Minute to win it 2015