The Courses of World War II

1939- 1945

The European Front


German for “lightning war”. Germany invaded Poland and caused France and Great Britain to enter the war. The Germans used armored columns, called panzer divisions, supported by airplanes. Each Group of blitzkrieg was a strike force of about three hundred tanks with accompanying forces and supplies.This type of war tactic was based on speed and surprise. It was created by a german army officer named Hans Dugarian. He also wrote a pamphlet called ”Achtung Panzer”, which fell in the hands of Hitler.

World War II in Europe Part 3: The Invasion of Poland

Hitler's Early Victories

After waiting for the end of winter, on April 9, 1940, Hitler began attacking Denmark and Norway. After the succession of another month, Germany attacked Netherlands, Belgium, and France, on May 10. The main assault went through Luxembourg and the Ardennes Forest. The Germans surprised the French and British forces by going around the Maginot Line. The Germans trapped the French and surrounded the entire British army on the beaches of Dunkirk. The Royal Navy and civilians were able evacuate 338,000 Allied troops.

German Defeat to Russia

The Germans decided to invade the Russians early in the spring of 1940. They planned to take over Russia before the harsh winter arrived. However, because of a shortage in supplies, the German army had to postpone the invasion until the fall. The Germans thought that they would quickly and easily invade, but that did not prove to be the case. The Russians were able to hold out until the winter. The German troops were not prepared for the winter wearing summer clothing, and many German troops ended up freezing to death. The Russians were able to fight back and force a retreat of the Germans. This was the first defeat for the German side, and a very costly one.
WWII - The Battle For Russia 1941 A.D. - Part 1 of 12 - In HD

War In The Pacific

Pearl Harbor

The Japanese fleet brought a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on December 5, 1941. The American forces attacked Japanese forces at Solomon island, later in 1944, American forces liberated Philippines so they can do airstrike onto Japan. August 6 1945, American forces dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. August 14, 1945 the Japanese surrendered to American forces. 120,000 civilians in japan died from the two atomic bomb

Pearl Harbour - A Day That Shook The World [HD]

Essential Questions

1. Was Germany's new tactic of "lightning war" helpful in the success of the German victories? How?

2. Had the United States not entered the war, do you think that Hitler could have taken over the world? How and why?