Do you shoplift?

Research Questions

  • What causes shoplifting
  • How can we stop shoplifting
  • What are the consequences
  • Is shoplifting as bad as other crimes
  • Who is affected by shoplifting
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Summary Of Research

Shoplifting is a crime that needs to stop. Shoplifting is when someone steals anywhere and leaves the building without paying for the merchandise that they take. Every year “$13 billion worth of goods is stolen per day and 550,000 incidents per day.” After you shoplift, not only are you hurting yourself, but you are also hurting others. NASP says that “Shoplifting hurts entire communities.” Shoplifting is referred to as the “Silent Crime.” The reason why it is referred to the “Silent Crime” is because, when the police are told that someone is shoplifting they sometimes think it’s a waste of time. “In addition, some retailers believe that the police can do little about the problem and may be unwilling to get involved.” Even though adults shoplift, kids and teens can also shoplift. “ These are persons 14 to 17 years old who have committed a criminal offense and have the same rights as an adult.” So not just adults can steal but kids and teens will also shoplift and can get into as much trouble as an adult will. So as you can see, shoplifting is a crime that needs to be stopped.


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