Mrs. Burkhardt's Classroom News

March 27, 2017

Classroom Happenings


This week our class will be reading stories about different kinds of animals and the habitats in which they live. Children will discover that animals live in caves, dens, burrows, trees, forest, deserts, and oceans.

  • Here are some activities that you can do with your child to help reinforce the skills we will be practicing.

    Word Workout

    • Vocabulary: habitat, wild Brainstorm a list of wild animals and the habitats, or homes, in which they live.
    • My Words to Know

    High-Frequency Words: said, want Gently write the words said and want with your finger on your child’s arm. Then have your child to use each word in a sentence as you record the sentences on paper.

    Category Words: animal homes Read a poem to your child about animals and their habitats. Then, have your child draw pictures of animal homes.

    Phonics: x, v Play a rhyming game. Say, I’m thinking of an animal that rhymes with box. (fox) Then write the word fox. Have your child circle the letter x. Repeat the activity with letter v.

    Comprehension: cause and effect

    Read sentences about animals and their habitats. Have your child look at the pictures and match an animal to its home. Guide your child in writing the names of each animal on the blanks.


We started our science unit called The Earth. On Friday we did an experiment to determine if Earth had mor land or water. Today we studied rocks and wrote about how our rock was special. We also felt various Earth materials ie. pebbles, sand, soil and water.

We are on our last week of space exploration. It has been a real blast!! Please continue to send in reading logs. I am very proud of the reading the kiddos have been doing!!! Way to go!!

Important Information

-Spring Carnival was lots of fun! I always enjoy seeing my students outside of the classroom! Thank you for your support if you were able to make it out!

-No school next week, April 3-7th. Spring Break! I hope you enjoy time with your family!

-April 1. Whiting Auditorium in Flint is offering FREE admission to a showing of Little Red Riding Hood. Show starts at 11:00 am but if you get there at 10:00 you can meet the cast of performers and meet the orchestra. This is a great experience to share with your child and its FREE!!