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When Winter Comes

Welcome back! We hope everyone had a great winter break and stayed warm as snowfall increased and temperatures plummeted.
As we return back to our routines and get back in the groove there are a few things to remember. Please send your child to school in winter appropriate clothing. We will attempt to enjoy the outside even for brief amounts of time and we want everyone to be toasty warm. Also please label any articles of clothing with your child's names. Mittens and hats have a tendency to disappear.
HUGE thanks to our room parents for organizing wonderfully festive winter parties for the children. Ornament decorating was popular in the morning class and pass the ice game was a favorite game in the afternoon class.
During the next couple weeks we will focus on winter animals and seasonal changes that winter brings. We look forward to putting snow in the sensory table and creating science experiments with ice and snow. Winter animals we will emphasize will be squirrels, bears and birds.

Weekly Skills

During the next few weeks we will work on a variety of preschool skills. These skills are modified to make sure they are appropriate for the variety of ages we have in our class. Below is a list of some of the skills we will work on during our Winter Animals theme.
  1. Following through with a task until completed
  2. Identifying first and last
  3. Describes addition and subtraction situations for numbers 1-5.
  4. Tells three events in chronological order.
  5. Identifying and labeling letter Hh.
  6. States first name, gender and age.
  7. Listens while others are talking.
  8. Follows routine directions
  9. Works without disturbing others
  10. Shares materials
  11. Identifying same/different
  12. Making comparisons
  13. Identifying winter animals
  14. Telling at least one winter animal fact.

Home Activities

As we work on a variety of skills during the next two weeks we look for further reinforcement of skills at home. This continued encouragement of concepts will increase understanding and application of those skills. Below are activities to do at home.
  1. Use the attached activities in the e-mail to reinforce activities and skills we have done throughout the two weeks.
  2. Go for a winter walk. Discuss with your child any animals you see and what they are doing. If you don't see any animals you can talk about why not.
  3. Compare pictures you have taken in the summer with ones you have taken in the winter. Discuss differences with you child. What happened to the leaves on the trees? Why isn't mom wearing snow pants in the summer?
  4. Make caves at home by putting sheets over tables to pretend to be a bear hibernating.
  5. Check out the programs at the Fishers Library on the attached calendar in the e-mail.
  6. Use the attached song "10 Little Animals" and pictures of animals in the e-mail to sing with your child at home.

23 Changing Seasons - Magic English - Disney


  1. No school on Monday, 1/20 due to Martin Luther King Day.
  2. Hat Day for Letter H! Please have your child wear their favorite hat to school on Wednesday, 1/22. We can't wait to see all the different hats!