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What a Time We had at one of the Wedding Resorts in Goa

After a hectic couple of months spent scurrying around at the office, running from pillar to post to get the work done, and becoming familiar with new projects, I was ready to call it a day. I took a week off to stay at home, recharge my batteries, and then get back to office. But, fate had other plans. Co-incidentally, a couple of my friends found out that I got a few days off, and thus came over to bully me into going to Goa with them. They said, “Goa, the land of parties, of fun with friends, of countless hours spent relaxing or living it up at the beach, is one of the best places to really de-stress.” I agreed, just to get them to let me sleep a few hours more, and we left for Goa on Sunday. This was supposed to be a bachelor party week, and so my friend booked one of the best Wedding Resorts in Goa. He thought that even the wedding could be held here. Ramada Caravela was a delight to behold, and it is considered one of the best Beach Resorts in Goa. Their seamless service and their cheerful smiles, all were perfect to make me feel completely relaxed and care free. I loved their ambience, and am hoping that I get to come back for the wedding, since my friend has decided to host it here itself.