The Golden Toad is Extinct

Mac Collins's Extinct Animal Poster

About the Toads

Golden Toads resemble extreme sexual dimorphism as shown in the pictures bellow. The males have a brilliant golden appearance while the females are dark with red blotches and yellow lining. Competition for males to get a mate were great as the males out numbered the females 8:1 at a point.

Why is the Golden Toad Extinct?

They are assumed to be extinct since they havn't been seen since 1989. The cause to their extinction is unknown but there are several assumptions, climate change being the best reason. Subtle human causes is what is assumed to cause the extinction of the Golden Toad. Pollutants building up, decreasing ozone levels, and weather patterns taking their toll on the environment made the golden toads unable to adapt. As a result to this environmental change they sadly died instead of evolving in adaptation to the change.

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