5R Class Newsletter

Week of November 10, 2014

Language Arts

This week in Journeys, 5R enjoyed reading the main selection The Birchbark House. They completed four different stations over the course of two days. They used graphic organizers to show sequencing and theme. They learned that theme is found by understanding the character's qualities, motives, and actions.


The students in 5R continued learning about shapes and angles this week. They participated in an iSpy Photo Hunt. Using the iPads, students took pictures of items in the classroom. They created a presentation using Keynote labeling the shapes and geometric features in their picture.
We also made tessellations and circle art to continue working with shapes and angles! More pictures to come next week when they are completed and colorful :)

Social Studies

Way to go 5R! Students have successfully completed chapter 3 in Social Studies. They began working on their explorer postcard project in class and will continue working on it all next week. Each student is researching a different explorer. From the explorer's point of view they will write a postcard home. The postcard will include a map of their newly discovered land and a stamp that reflects the explorer. They are off to a great start!


Students finished their narrative unit last week and were able to take them home and share them. They worked very hard on them for the past couple of months! This week the students started their research unit on Westward Expansion. They took great notes while watching a BrainPOP video on the iPads about the topic!
Check out this fun video we watched together as a class!
Schoolhouse Rock - Elbow Room- Manifest Destiny