The 2nd War for Independence?!

By: Taehyun Ryou P8 2/17/16

What were the causes of the war?

The causes were...

1. Need for Land - Due to the American's ambition and their belief that they were destined to move westward, they wanted to expand towards the Pacific Ocean. However, the Natives thought that they were being pushed off of the nation, and so that became a cause of the war.

2. Impressment - The British abducted the Americans thinking that they were British sailors who abandoned the ship.

3. War Hawks - A group of 3 that were named Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, and John C. Calhoun. They were a group of people that wanted war because they thought that war was the only and final option to combat British imperiousness.

4. British and Native - The US citizens thought that the British persuaded the Natives to fight them. Which, later caused them to fight for land.

Andrew Jackson