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iran has a lot of bad people


in Iran women are not allowed to talk to males. Women cannot wear what they want; they must cover their hair and skin. Women cannot take part in sports. The land is dry and not much moisture. Only 12% of the total land area is under cultivation.



The song gives a fabulist account of a ban on rock music by the king being defied by the population, who proceed to "rock the casbah.

The king orders jet fighters to bomb any people in violation of the ban.

The pilots ignore the orders, and instead play rock music on their cockpit radios.

The first signs of the presence of Phosphate were initially reported during the drilling of oil wells in southwest Iran during 1954.T

From 1975 to 1981 with the cooperation of the French Research Geology & Mines (BRGM) the exploration of phosphate rocks was started in Iran.

The Esfordi Phosphate with signs of Igneous due the high grade of P2O5 and open pit being of the mine and the low costs of the exploration, it was considered as economical during that time.