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Newsletter #1 - Friday 27 January 2023

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to the 2023 School Year.

Happy New Year… Welcome back everyone for another big year at St Brendan’s. I hope you have had a relaxing Christmas break with family and friends.

We look forward to the many smiling faces that will greet us on Monday, with students happy to reconnect with friends and find their place again in our school. We hope those beginning-of-year nerves settle as the routine clicks back in for everyone.

A special welcome to our new families, we are looking forward to you being part of our family.

For our Prep families, I invite you, parents and carers, to take your child into their classroom and stay a minute of two before joining me for a ‘cuppa’ in the staffroom. After a successful transition period, I expect a confident and smooth start to the year with our youngest learners.

Best wishes,


Term 1, 2023

A quick snap shot of the key events for the term.

  • 3-Way Learning Conferences
  • Ash Wednesday
  • Year 4/5 7 6 Camp - Doxa Malmsbury
  • District Swimming Carnival - School Squad
  • School Athletics Carnival
  • Bunnings Sausage Sizzle
  • School Incursion - Zanna and the Lost Code
  • Welcome Mass and BBQ
  • NAPLAN - Years 3 & 5
  • Summer Gala Day - Soccer Years 5 & 6
  • Lent & Easter

For dates, visit the Parent Calendar button below. Further information to follow.

Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is a festival celebrating the arrival of spring and the beginning of a new year on the lunisolar calendar. It is the most important holiday in China, and it is also widely celebrated in South Korea, Vietnam, and countries with a significant overseas Chinese population. 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit.

The Rabbit is the fourth of all zodiac animals. Legend has it the Rabbit was proud—arrogant even—of its speed. He was neighbours with Ox and always made fun of how slow Ox was. One day, the Jade Emperor said the zodiac order would be decided by the order in which the animals arrived at his party. Rabbit set off at daybreak. But when he got there, no other animals were in sight. Thinking that he would obviously be first, he went off to the side and napped. However, when he woke up, three other animals had already arrived. One of them was the Ox he had always looked down upon.

Lucky things for Rabbits

  • Colours: red, pink, purple, blue
  • Numbers: 3, 4, 9

Specialists and Co-Curricular Activities

In 2023 we are running 3 specialist programs on


  • Physical Education
  • Visual Arts


  • Performing Arts

Each specialist program runs for 1 hour during which time all students will engage in learning activities based upon the Victorian Curriculum. The programs commence from the first day so students are encouraged to wear their sports uniform to school on Monday.

This year we begin to implement an exciting approach to Languages called Teachers as Co-Learners, TCL. The approach sees the Italian language being taught through short 15-minute Italian language-focused sessions across the week. Supported by our Italian teacher Jess, our staff and students will begin to use simple Italian sentences and words across the day. Through daily conversation and frequent use of words, phrases and sentences, our school community will become more practised and expert in this language.

Tennis ‘Hot Shots in Schools Program’ returns each Monday afternoon with our coach Alizee. The lessons run across the term and are at an additional cost. Enrolment forms will be distributed to students next week.

Angela continues with Keyboard however she is on leave for the first 6 weeks. On her return I’ll provide enrolment forms for those who wish to participate. The lessons run across the term and are at an additional cost.

A Little Christmas Fun - The Twelve Days of Christmas

In the final newsletter for 2022, I invited families to solve a maths problem based upon 'The Twelve Days of Christmas'. It tells the tale of a person receiving gifts from their true love on each of the 12 days following Christmas.

How Many Gifts Did They Receive Over the Twelve Days of Christmas?

The first correct answer was provided by the Cowie family with 364, or one gift for every day of the year except for Christmas Day itself!

Congratulations and I'm sure that the Cowie's enjoyed their Christmas hamper.

Big picture
Big picture
Parent Calendar

Here is a link to our Parent Calendar. You will also find this on our website.



Term 1

Week 1

Monday 30 January

- School Year begins

Week 3

Wednesday 15 February

- 3-Way Conferences

Week 4

Wednesday 22 February

- Ash Wednesday

- Year 4/5 & 6 Camp

Thursday 23 February

- Year 4/5 & 6 Camp

Friday 24 February

- Year 4/5 & 6 Camp

Prayer to St Brendan

Help me to journey beyond the familiar

and into the unknown.

Give me the faith to leave old ways

and break fresh ground with You.

Christ of the mysteries, I trust You

to be stronger than each storm within me.

I will trust in the darkness and know

that my times, even now, are in Your hand.

Tune my spirit to the music of heaven,

and somehow, make my obedience count for You.


Keep in contact with us

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I may be contacted on

Best wishes,


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Parish Bulletin

The Whole school will be attending the Christmas Melodies at Hamer Hall on Monday 12 December. Host Gorgi Coghlan and friends will lead us in a warm festive sing-a-long with a big band and choir.