Ms. Stilwell's Weekly Update

News from the Keller EI Program

Important Dates to Remember


1/28/2016 - End of 2nd Marking Period

5th grade Free Market Day

1/29/2016 - Records Day....students NOT expected to attend

IMPORTANT NOTE - NWEA testing will take place throughout the months of January and February

Holiday Traditions Feast

Making Learning Fun

Our students really enjoyed our Holiday Traditions Unit. They not only learned about the fantastic traditions that take place all over the world, but they were also more than happy to sample all of the delicious food that was provided to them. We were even joined by some of our favorite people for this feast....a special thanks to the following people for coming in and sharing their holiday traditions with us: Mrs. Dryden, Mr. Potter, Mrs. Marcus, and Ms. Barrett. This is definitely a tradition that we will continue here in the classroom!!

Baby It's COLD Outside.....From the Desk of Mrs. Dryden

Another reminder to all parents of the need to have your child properly equipped for the winter weather. Whenever possible we are looking to get our students outdoors for recess, as research shows that there is great cognitive, social, emotional, and physical benefit over the long-term; not to mention that the active time outside gets their brains better wired to learn during the day. This being said, we use 12- 15 degrees (feels like temperature) as our general guidelines for whether or not to keep the kids inside. Do be aware however, that the preference (for the benefit of the kids) is to get them outside and moving.

Please do your part and be sure that your child have proper jackets, snow pants, boots, hats, and gloves so they can be best prepared during the winter weather.

Math Fact Practice and Nightly Reading

Parents -

Please remember to have your child practice their math facts 3-5 times weekly. I provided simple dry erase folders with math fact sheets in them....please let me know if you need a folder with this info. Also, it is recommended that we have our students read 20 min a day outside of the classroom. This can be reading with a parent, or silent reading. If you need any reading material please let me know.