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Definition Of Bullying

Bullying is when someone makes fun of you through social media and at school. It can be verbally, physical and on social media. The bully will target one person or a group of people and humiliate them, intimidate them and harass them.

Different types of bullying

There are different types of bullying. Cyberbullying, verbal bullying and physical bullying.

Cyberbullying is when someone bully's you through technology. People can create false accounts and use this to embarrass you online.

Verbal bullying is when someone or a group is calling you names, teasing abusive language and insults. The bully/s will use language to harass you.

Physical bullying is when you get hit, kicked, pushed around, pinching and tripping. Over 60,000 kids every year get admitted to emergency because of physical bullying.

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The effects of bullying

Kids who get bullied might experience depression and anxiety. They will also take days of school by lying to there parents that they are sick so they don't have to see the bully/s. They might also get nightmares.

Kids who bully might experience violence, wether thats in a fight or abusive language to others. The bully might think that this behavior is right and this amy lead to them behaving like this in the long term.

Bystanders might feel guilty of not helping that person or group who are getting bullied and may try to skip school because they feel that they will get bullied by that same person or group.

Strategies to cope with bullying

Some strategies to deal with verbal bullying is to ignore the bully. Then if it gets really mean consult a teacher or your parents/guardian.

If its abusive bullying push the bully away from you then tell your teacher or parent/guardian.

The importance of speaking out about bullying

You can't always hide away and try to pretend that nothings happening, because eventually someone will find out. Its better to tell someone you trust, like and adult (parents/guardians, teachers etc) in the beginning when someone or a group of people start to bully you, because then you won't have to deal with it that long so you can enjoy the beauty of life.

If you feel that you are being a bully

If you feel that you are being a bully then ask some of your friends if they feel that your being a bit mean. If they say yes then say sorry to everyone that you think you have hurt. If they say no don't worry about anything.

Also you can ask yourself some of these question

  • Does people get upset with you a lot
  • Do you spread rumours about others
  • Do you notice that people don't ask for your advice
  • Do you tease others

If you do most of these things then you might have to start thinking about how others feel. If you don't relate to most of these things then your fine.

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Stories of Bullying experiences

This is a website I found with stories of young kids who have dealt with bullying. http://www.pacerkidsagainstbullying.org/kab/how-can-you-help/real-kids-speak-out/