AMCHS Staff Development

October 31, 2012

Teacher Recognitions

Occasionally, Oprah brings her friends to acknowledge the accomplishments of the dedicated staff at AMCHS. Oprah and Dr. Oz recognized the Coke and a Smile recipients, Advance Placement Teacher Readers, personal accomplishments, and the achievements of our student organizations in October.

Department Time

Leading Indicator Data: Grades, Attendance, and Discipline

Teachers worked in levels to examine why students were unsuccessful and discussed teaching strategies they incorporated to keep them from failing. Teachers engaged in collegial conversations and brainstormed ideas to help students do well. Furthermore, teachers examined six weeks grade data, curriculum, and discussed instructional strategies to help ALL students be successful.

Attendance and discipline data were shared with the staff. We celebrated a 97% student attendance rate. The five highest areas for discipline were communicated to the faculty and staff to help sustain a safe and supportive environment.

AMCHS the School of Choice!

AMCHS is dedicated to educating and empowering students to become confident, resourceful, lifelong learners who are prepared for challenges beyond high school. Students of AMCHS will know the value of giving more than they take, will be responsible for their own actions, and will know that they are an important part of our school community.