Progress Reports

Horace Mann/Roosevelt Elementary School

Progress Reports

Dear Parents/Guardians of Fargo Public Schools Elementary Students,

During fall conferences, parents and guardians were able to review and discuss the expectations for academic learning and personal development for your child’s grade level, student progress, and any concerns or questions from you or the teacher.

Fargo Public Schools values parent-teacher communication through multiple methods. We support our teachers in communicating with parents in multiple ways, including email, phone conversations, classroom & building newsletters, PowerSchool, conferences, and progress reports. We welcome and encourage parents to contact their child’s classroom teacher any time they have an academic or social concern.

Students receive three progress reports each year. Starting this year parents will access their child’s progress report electronically. Fargo Public Schools will store progress report cards and North Dakota State Assessment (NDSA) test scores in PowerSchool for students, parents, guardians, and teaching staff to view or print. There are numerous advantages to storing the progress reports and NDSA results in PowerSchool over a traditional paper copy only. The electronic version is secure and confidential, easily accessed, environmentally friendly, and is permanently archived.

Accessing your child’s Progress Report or NDSA scores from your PowerSchool parent account is best done from a computer. The directions below are also on the PowerSchool Log-in screen.

1. Click the PowerSchool logo on the Fargo Public School webpage.

Use your parent account to log into PowerSchool.

2. If you have more than one child at Fargo Schools, select the child you want to view from the top of the screen (names will be listed).

3. Along the left side of the screen, scroll down and select “Document Storage” from the menu list.

4. At the top of the Document Storage screen that appears, change the “Show All” box to “Progress Report (K-5)” or “NDSA”. Your child’s progress report results will appear. Click the document links to open each progress report result.

Students’ progress reports will be posted in the PowerSchool parent portal by 4:30 p.m. Friday, November 22, 2019. If parents/guardians need assistance with a PowerSchool parent account, they should contact their school office. Parents/Guardians who do not currently have a PowerSchool account and would like access to the progress reports should contact their school office for assistance.


Leandra Ostrom


Horace Mann/Roosevelt Elementary School

Fargo Public Schools