Bugs should not be on the menu

Eleesa Rico

What if you lose money from buying them but nobody orders them or eats them.

I would not sell bugs at my restaurant bcause what if I buy them and they go bad quick or nobody orders it, and people get grossed out of if you used this fork for the bugs then did not wash it and used it for the burrito.

Most of us are used to not eating bugs and that can effect.

In the article it said that we are not used to eating insects we are used to killing them and then flushing them down the toilet. We all know that they are full of protein but we just don't want to eat it we can get protein from meats we should never change our diet except if you are working out or eating bad junk food everyday. But I think that we can get our regular healthy eats from our good regular food instead of all this "protein" from an insect.