By: Gary Paulsen

Summary 5-28-13

Brian Roberson was on a trip to see his dad in Canada. His mom and Dad are divorced. Brian was fly ing up from New York into Canada. He was flying a Cessna bush plane. While Brian was In the plane the pilot let him fly the plane, it was easy Brian thought. Then they switched back. Brian noticed that the pilot was rubbing his back and releasing so weirded smelling gases. He knew what it was right there. The pilot was having a heart attack.

Summary 5-29-13

Brian was scared. The pilot was having a heart attack. All of a sudden he rembered he knew how to fly the plane. Where would he land it? He thought. He looked at the numbers on the dashboard he couldn't figure out what they meant. He looked at one of them and that was the fuel gauge. It was running out of fuel fast. He decided to wait until it ran out. He waited and waited until.....

Summary 5-30-13

The engine was making a weird noise. He knew the plane was going down. He thought of a plan, if you push the nose on the plane down it will give you more speed and if you pull up it kills speed. So he pushed the nose down and when he got to the spot he wanted to land pulling up didn't really work. He ended up crashing the plane into a lake.

Summary 6-3-13

Brian was stuck in the plane underwater. He finally got out of the seat and was gasping for air. But instead of air he took a big gulp of water. Then he was above the surface. He was gasping for air. Once he got onto land he felt sick and dizzy. He found an overhang to make a shelter. Then he rembered the Hatchet on his belt.

Summary 6-10-13

Brian was starving. He could get water from the lake, it kinda quenched his hunger. He went to look for food. Then he found some berrys. He picked a ton of them. He brought them back to the shelter. Once he got back he ate a lot of the berrys. Brian woke up in the middle of the night. He threw up. He ate to many of the berrys, then he went back to sleep.


When Brian woke up , he accidentally stuck his hand in the berrys he threw up. He covered it over with sand. Brian went looking for diffrent kinds of berrys. He found rasberrys and the gut cherrys, he called them. He tasted the rasberrys to see if they were good. Brian loved the rasberrys. The sap stuck to the roof of his mouth. While he was tasting them he felt like he was being watched. When he turned around, he saw

a bear!


The bear just watched Brian. Brian was scared of the bear. Brian went back to his own business. The bear left and went back off in the woods. Brian brought the berrys back to his shelter with his torn windbreaker. Then Brian went over to the lake. He noticed that there were fish in the pond. It was perfect timing because he was getting sick of the berrys.