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~ STRESS ~ STRESS ~ STRESS ..............

A Strategy a Day will Keep the Doctor Away!

Here are some daily strategies to reduce stress. You will be surprised by how effective even the smallest change can make!

Create a Consistent Routine

  • Eat a well-balanced diet with fluids low in calories/caffeine. Plan out some healthy snacks and lunches
  • Maintain a regular bed time, shut off all "screens" two hours prior to sleeping

Express Feelings

  • Talk with friends and peers; avoid gossip and hurtful conversations
  • Write in a journal

Establish "Me Time"

  • Create time each day to relax
  • Treat yourself to a guilty pleasure
  • Pair enjoyable activities or tasks with less enjoyable activities or tasks

Practice Specific Stress Reduction Techniques

  • Focus on what is in your control and recognize that you can't change what is out of your control

Coming Soon More Strategies to Reduce Stress.....