Budgeting Tips for Teens

By: Anna Estep

Tip 1 : Set a certain date for you to log in your cash flow statement

By keeping statement consistent, simple, and organized, it will help make budgeting easier, useful and more enjoyable.

Tip 2: Spend your money wisely!

Don't blow all the money you just earned on one thing.

Tip 4: Comparison Shop to use your budget wisely

Look at the different prices of similar items from different retailers. If you spend correctly you can get more for your money.
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Tip 5: Make a list of wants and needs

Sort out what is essential to pay for (like a car, phone bill), and what you just want (going out to eat or a new phone case). Prioritize this list and make sure you don't spend more than you earn on wants.

Tip 6: Use surplus money to pay off debt.

By doing so, you can lower your overall budget.

Tip 7: Save ALL receipts to get the most accurate budget.

While preparing and using a personal cash flow statement save all your receipt so you can account for your earrings and spending as accurately as possible.
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Tip 8; Set a goal and reward yourself for it

By setting and completing short or long-term goals reward yourself with something small to reward yourself for reaching the goal. This will motivate you to continue to reach your next goal.

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