MSE Mendenhall Updates

20 November 2020

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Thanksgiving Baskets:

Thanks to the generous contributions of our Mendenhall and Winchester staff, the MSE PTO, under the direction of Ms. Patty Farmer, was able to assemble and distribute twenty Thanksgiving baskets to our MSE family. Small gestures of kindness go a long way in times of need, which is why we can all take comfort from the fact that we are part of a strong community like MSE where individuals look out for one another and no one's needs are overlooked.

PTO President, Ms. Patty Farmer, adds the final touches.

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Spirit Week Wrap-up:

Just like many aspects of this school year, spirit week looked a little different this time around due to virtual learning. Nevertheless, students and staff members still managed to showcase their MSE spirit, dressing up for the various theme days planned for this past week. Below is a group shot of several Mendenhall teachers wearing their favorite sports gear for "Team Day."
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Q2 Progress Reports:

Students will be receiving their Quarter 2 Progress Reports today, Friday, 11/20/20. These progress reports will be sent to student MSE email addresses by the homeroom teacher. Follow up with your student to be sure you receive this report.

MSE Students Give Thanks to Veterans:

Last week, 2nd graders at MSE Mendenhall sent letters to veterans as a gesture of gratitude in honor of the Veteran's Day holiday. Below are a few samples of our students' work.
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Internet Safety During Breaks:

Parents, remember to monitor your students' online activity during Thanksgiving break. Useful apps to assist with this include "Net Nanny" and "Mama Bear."

Immunization Records:

The state of Tennessee requires immunizations for all school children. Documentation of shots must be submitted to the school on the Official Immunization Certificate. Students who do not have current records on file may face withdrawal from the school system. For more information, please visit the Tennessee Department of health website

Attendance Policy Reminders:

Students who accumulate a total of 10 or more absences, check-ins, or check-outs will be required to present a doctor’s note in order for any future attendance event to be considered excused.

Truancy – SCS Policy 6110:

• Students with 5 or more unexcused absences will be reported to Shelby County Pupil Services for truancy and will be reported to Juvenile Court for possible parental or guardian prosecution.

• Students with 5 or more unexcused late check-ins will also be reported for truancy.

• Students with five or more unexcused absences will also be required to present a doctor’s note in order to receive an excused absence.

YWCA Childcare Available at MSE Mendenhall:

The YWCA is currently offering childcare from 6AM-6PM for grades K-8 at the MSE Mendenhall Campus. Please fill out the form linked below, and the YWCA will contact you.

Weekly fee: $100 (includes breakfast, lunch, and snack)
Registration fee: $10 per child
Sibling discount: $20-2nd child, $10-3rd child or more
YWCA does accept Essential Worker Vouchers

Y-Care is independently operated by the YWCA Greater Memphis.

Contact 901-320-6021 or if you have questions.

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Free Tutoring Available:

Homework Hotline is Back! The number is (901) 416-1234. Call for FREE homework help over the telephone and online Monday through Thursday, 4pm – 8pm, CST.


Remind101: A Way to Stay in Touch

Please follow the steps by clicking the button below to connect to MSE's Remind account. Remind allows us to communicate directly with you, whenever there is important information to share.
Remind Instructions

Click here for Remind instructions.

Thanksgiving Break

Monday, Nov. 23rd, 8-8am

This is an online event.

Bedtime Stories with Ms. Italiano

Wednesday, Dec. 2nd, 7:45-8pm

This is an online event.

Join Ms. Italiano for a bedtime story every Wednesday night by clicking on the link below:

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