Did Jim Crow Ever Leave The States?

Racism Still Exists in The United States

Racism In The U.S

Jim Crow was a figure created to mock African Americans and their culture; but did Jim ever really leave? I don’t believe he ever did, today you can turn to BET and find TV shows with the stereotypical black woman getting into a fight or getting beat by her husband. These actors portray the stereotypical African American life. This is not the only form of Jim Crow in the states; there are other sources such as the media, the internet, jail cells and even Americas school systems. Racism still exists in America very much today.

How To Stop Racism?

The day that Americans stop calling African Americans black, and stop calling mexicans mexicans, and start calling different races American is the day we take another step foward to end segregation. When people stop feeling superior to others will bring us a step closer to being equal.