My Memorial

Leigh Cabuslay

What is my issue?

My issue is about people being selfish. Selfishness is the lack of consideration for others and doing things for your own pleasure. By this, it can ruin any type of relationships.

Who does it affect?

It would affect everyone because every living being out there is living in selfishness. Our family is one of the most important one that can get affected by selfish acts. It can ruin family bonds and respect. Friends is another one because they can do some much for you but in return you wont do the same and will lead to broken friendships.

Why should there be a memorial?

There are a lot of people who only thinks for themselves and not for others. It destroys a family if the parents have a selfish behavior which can lead to their children being isolated and unhappy. People do so much for you and you should respect that by doing the same to them.

Where would this take place?

I would like it to be celebrated it in Byron Nelson High School football field. Its more open and accommodate more people. It's a pretty known school around our area so everyone can easily navigate themselves to the school.


My goal is for everyone to think of others rather then for yourself. Help those who are in time of need and think about what you think is right. Life is a lot easier if no one is selfish and you put others first before yourself. On this day forward, I would love to see people be considerate.