Reuniting the Korean peninsula

The North Korean problem

Where the heck is North Korea

Before we can talk about North Korea we have to know where is the Korean Peninsula. The Korean peninsula is situated on a peninsula where to the north we would find China and across we would find Japan.
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Why is it split

During the early years the korean people were under the occupation of the Japanese. At the end of the second world war they left and the nation became a proxy war between the Soviet Union and the United States. In the north the Soviet implanted a communist system under the Kim Family and the south became a capitalist democratic nation backed by the US. In 1950 the north went on the offensive and pushed south. Under the policy of containment they could not let that happen. The US and the UN then sent troops and pushed the North almost to the border of China. As the chinese who are communist saw this they could not let the US be on their border so they sent troops and pushed the US to the 38th parallel. The casualty rate was 1,000,000 for the koreans.

Why wont the two nations recombine

Well they have two different governments with a totalitarian dictatorship in the north and a capitalist democracy in the south. One of the problems of reuniting is who runs the nation afterwards. The north surely doesn't want this for if they do the family in power aka the kim dynasty would have to give up their iron grasp on their people. China to the north doesn't want it for it would bring a influx of immigrants to the border and put American troops on china's border.

What's is so bad about the North Korean Government.

They are the strictest country on earth and the cruelest. During the cold war the USSR sent food to their country and after the collapse, that major source of grain was closed. The North koreans had already experienced famines like that in the past due to government mismanagement but whenever the world does send food it almost never goes to the people who are not apart of the elite class. During the most recent famine it was estimated that 300,000 to 3,000,000 people perished. Because of satellites imagery which the north koreans deny is found six concentration camps. Due to these many actions inside the camps crimes against humanity have been repeatedly done to people who the regime considers a threat even those who are obviously innocent. Recently knowing the UN was on to them the north korean authorities workers working abroad to not let anyone tape them or to discuss any human right violations that are happening in the home nation.They constantly try to get themselves seen as the victim of political bullying whenever thing like those are stated. In a attempt to monitor human right conditions, a building was scheduled to be built in Seoul the capital of South Korea. The north called it“hideous politically-motivated provocation insulting and mocking at the dignity of the DPRK and its people,” as well as a “farce” intended to distract South Koreans from the Sewol ferry disaster."
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How can we unite them?

We most likely won't likely be able to do it by forcing them for the only way we could it is the opening up of the isolationist north korea. Things we could do is convince the north koreans to release their economic data for the AIIB so they could improve their infracture. This would in turn improve the peoples lives.

Why should I care?


1st The leader Kim has nuclear weapons and his personality is not a good combo. Every Day he threatens to use them unless he gets what he wants

2nd This is one of the last remnants a era that has ended decades ago.

3rd A unified Korea has the potential to be economically better than Japan if everything went well

Problems that go along with it...

The problems that seem to go with this is mostly what to do in the aftermath like....What will be done about the people who have lived their whole lives under pressure on what to do that will please the "Dear Leader" and like Japan at the end of WW2 they have absolute allegiance to their leader and will die for him because they don't know better. Even after the convincing the north's economy would cost the south Billions even trillions to restore. Then what do we do about the ones who committed crimes against humanity because surely if they let the reunification process happen they want to not be charged with the torture of hundreds of thousands who are innocent and never received a trial.


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