The Brave

by Drew Kooi

Fear Good or Bad

Fear something that all humans have if your not scared of something then you will eventually fear something if from a traumatic incident or a bad experience with them we all fear it is how we react to fear is what separates us. The brave fight while the "cowards" take flight.

The people who are more brave and see something there scared of like say a spider or snake they will first be scared but then they block out the fear for bravery.When they block it out for bravery they will squish the spider or try to kill the snake this is because of fight or flight. Fight is a natural human reaction to dealing with a fear, the problem with fighting is a spider and it bites and causing there attack pain and possible death.

Now the “cowards” are the people who use the flight response to deal with the problem causing them to flee. The flight reaction was caused in ancient times of the cave man when they saw people die from spiders so they feared spiders this fear was passed to us causing us to flee from spiders. This shows the fact that "cowards" do have good reason to run which will usually let them live longer but to some people more boring.

The brave people use fight from fight or flight when faced by fear compared to the cowards who use flight and run from there fears. People who are brave are able to face there fears and feel good about it like sky diving or a roller-coaster the "cowards" don't face there fears and usually are mad fun of. Yet if the braves fear is a snake and they try to trap the snake it will bite causing pain or killing when compared to the cowards who stay away from the snake and are not harmed. The brave and "cowards" seem very different but they share one common thing there brains both make the choice between fight or flight when faced by fear.

So fear causes people to react in different ways some fight there fears some when faced by fear take flight and run away, no way is right it is simple caused by which one the brain chooses fight or flight. to learn more about fight or flight watch this video by asap science.

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How to face your fears

Every one wants to face there fears be it be because there tired of being scared of it or there friends are making fun of them because of it, so here are a few steps to help you face your fears.

1. Know your fear, most people say that they dislike spiders but that does not mean you fear them so know what you fear.

2. Think of an easy way to face your fear, start off slow if you fear roller coasters don't go on goliath at 6 flags do baby blue or the wizard do something easy.

3. Do it, this is one of the hardest parts but if you stay brave and persevere you should pull it of.

4. celebrate, if you accomplish number three celebrate with a good movie or a fun outing with friends.

5. make it hard and hard, keep on making it more scary I know that sounds bad but the more you face it and the harder it gets the more use to it you get.

6. Face it, now that your use to it its time to ride the goliath roller coaster and finish the fear off and then you won't even remember that you ever feared it.

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What Bravery Means

The description of bravery consists of "courageous behavior or character" but that is not all bravery is. For example for someone to face their fears they most use a natural instinct such as fight or flight. Most important is the thing that happens when put in danger and you need strength and bravery to survive and it is called adrenaline. Adrenaline is the suspense or chemical your body produces that allows amazing feat of bravery, for instance lifting a car or sprinting away from the fire while saving the kid.

Last is having the willpower to do it this means knowing that there is danger and acting quickly as possible. So what bravery boils down to is having good character, utilizing fight or flight, using adrenaline to allow amazing feats, and having the willpower to do it.

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How Adreniline Affects Your Body

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the comic book issue

It was the late 1940's and the comic book industry was booming, it was the time of World War II and parents were on edge so comics were in trouble. Since comic were "violent" as parents of the 40s would say Tennessee Senator Estes Kefauver was trying to discredit comics and he did it with the help of psychiatrist Fredric Wertham.

Fredric used false information such as 75% of parents are against comics. Still his plan worked causing a lot of words to be banned from comics like cabalists and terror and even vampires. So as a result to this there were many harsh bans on comics. because of the bans Stan lee was in trouble, he was about to quit comics after a few years of the bans. Yet his wife wouldn't let him quit. she said to do one more comic the way he liked it and as a result of Stan's wife and his bravery The Fantastic Four was created. soon enough the bans were lifted and comics were back.

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Hercules and the 11 trials is a great legend about a man who is the son of Zeus, the king of the gods. He is put thought trials of bravery and strength by Zeus wife Hera. Hera has put these trials upon Hercules to punish Zeus and Hercules because Zeus cheated on Hera and made Hercules. Problem is the trials forced Hercules to fight creatures such as the hydra, the giant boar, and the Neman lion. The trials led to the death of Hercules "girlfriend" because of this Hercules cried out to Zeus who punished Hera for her deeds. So after Zeus solved the problem Hercules became immortal and stands guard for Greece to this day.

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