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Fairfield Public Schools Mission Statement


Mr. Dustin Gordon~Superintendent

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” Ben Franklin

Hello Fairfield Community, Parents and Students,

We have officially begun the August countdown to the first day of school for 2022-2023 and I am so excited for this fresh start to a new school year! It has been such a relief just to focus our efforts over the summer on several projects that will not only enhance our facility, but will ultimately enhance education. Largely due to a generous donation from Laurie Conroy, we have made several improvements to our elementary playground including a new pavilion and shelter. The new elementary boiler heating and cooling system is nearly complete and will be a major improvement for the school utilizing ESSER funding. But probably the most important work done over the summer is the outstanding job the maintenance staff has done to shine the whole building up! It really looks great and is just about ready for staff and students.

What a difference a year makes. Gone are over 100 years of experience in education with Mr. Tacke, Mrs. Anderson, and Ms. Patterson retiring. We will enter the 2022-2023 school year without these great educators, and I would like to wish each of them the best of luck on their future endeavors. Due to those retirements, we have added some new staff and I am pleased to introduce Mrs. Kari Cleveland in elementary title, Mrs. Shawnee Coverdell in 6th grade/JH math, as well as Mrs. Shayla Smith and Ms. Jenna Woerner both in HS English. It is also my pleasure to welcome Mr. Paul Wilson to the administration and transportation director. I am excited to welcome everyone on staff back as we continue our mission of providing a rigorous and enriching educational experience that prepares every student for success.

I feel very fortunate to be the superintendent of Fairfield Public Schools. I truly believe I work with the best staff in the whole state; we in turn are fortunate to serve the best community and best student body in the land. Together we have overcome some serious challenges and obstacles over the past two years, and I know we are all looking forward to launching past those into a year looking forward, not backward, and continuing on our quest to provide our students with everything they need to become capable, confident and successful in life. The Fairfield School is full of caring and dedicated educators and staff who are skilled at helping students reach their maximum potential.

Let’s make this an exceptional year and continue our “Tradition of Excellence!”

Dustin Gordon

Superintendent, Fairfield Schools

Courtney Bake-eK-6 Principal/Tech Director

The stores are full of back to school supplies and everyone is in a panic to get those last summer days in before sending their kiddo back to school! You will be happy to know that your teachers have been hard at work this summer getting ready for your kiddo to burst through the door ready to learn!

Speaking of learning, I thought I would give myself a new challenge and I have jumped feet first into being the tech director of Fairfield Schools in the retirement of Loren Tacke. This definitely speaks to the saying you can teach an old dog new tricks and believe me there are tons of tricks to this trade! I am looking forward to the challenge!

We would like to welcome Mrs. Shawnee Coverdell. Shawnee recently married Fairfield Alum Cantor Coverdell and she will be team teaching 6th grade along with doing some Title/RtI work with student in grades k-8!

Mrs. Kari Cleveland will be joining the elementary staff in the eK-8 Title/RtI department. Kari is married to Fairfield Alum Zac Cleveland and they recently moved to Fairfield looking for the smaller setting! Welcome!

Mrs. Char Tacke is returning to us via a teaching assignment in Great Falls. Char will be working with eK-8 Title/RtI students. Welcome back, Char!

Back to School Night will be on August 23rd from 5-6 PM. This is a casual event in which students can see/meet their teacher and bring their supplies! We have found that this process makes for an easier transition on the first day of school. Junior High students are encouraged to attend to get their lockers and their schedules.

Continuing on with our work as a Response to Instruction/Intervention school, we will continue to teach your children in the best possible way. This includes quick benchmark assessments of your student three times a year to see if they are working at grade level. If they are below or above, we do some further assessing to see what is missing or what needs to be challenged and go from there! We get together as a team at least every 5-6 weeks (along with everyday discussions) to discuss the best way to educate EK-6 students.

We will continue to SOAR at Fairfield Elementary. SOAR is an acronym for Safe, Organized, Accountable, Respectful/Responsible. Students learn this as a way to follow the rules and behavior expectations in all the common areas at Fairfield Schools including hallway, playground, lunchroom, busses, assemblies, and the classroom! Look for this info in the first few days of paperwork from the school so you can help us help your kiddo!

The energy of a new year is always contagious! Looking forward to seeing all the current and new students at Fairfield Elementary! Don’t hesitate to call if you have questions!

Paul Wilson 7-12 Principal

While it only seems like yesterday that I was getting things wrapped up from the 2021 school year, the new school year is rapidly approaching. Although I am not new to the area, I am new to the administrative team at Fairfield Public Schools. My wife and I moved to Fairfield 19 years ago. I spent those 19 years at Greenfield School and was the principal there for 14 years. We currently reside in Fairfield with our 3 daughters, Maya, Gretta, and Jayna.

I was born and raised in Forsyth, Montana. My mother and father were both teachers and instilled a love of learning in me from an early age. I have always enjoyed trying to fix things and solve problems. Those are both good qualities to have as a school administrator. When I graduated from MSU-Billings, I never planned to go into administration, but I knew that I wanted to teach and be involved in coaching. As I continued with teaching and coaching, I realized that many of my experiences and mentors I had gave me the tools I needed to be an effective school administrator. Along the way, I have learned that communication is one of the most important and overlooked aspects of education for parents, students, teachers, and administrators. There are always three sides to every story whenever there is a conflict. Because we all experience situations differently, both sides of the conflict believe they are right and the other side is wrong. Working through a conflict typically involves finding a way to get the conflicting parties to find some middle ground to compromise on. That is the third side of the story.

I know that there will be challenges as I move into my position as the Junior High and High School principal at Fairfield, but I have learned that challenges are an opportunity for growth and improvement. Being an administrator throughout the covid shutdown in the spring of 2020 and the next two school years was definitely challenging. Everyone in education was forced to change how they were doing things and adapt to the ever changing circumstances. It was challenging for everyone involved, but I saw more rapid growth and development in how teachers did their jobs (and how I did mine) during those two years than I did in the ten years before. Although I would never want to go through that again, I did come away with a greater appreciation and understanding of how parents, students, teachers, and administrators can work together for the good of the students. The students are the reason we all come to work at Fairfield Public Schools every day!

Working as the transportation director in Fairfield will not necessarily be a new thing for me. I held this position for the past 14 years at Greenfield. The biggest difference will be the number of students, bus routes, and activity trips. I am fortunate to be taking over for Mr. Tacke. He did a great job, so I didn’t have to come in and try to save a sinking ship. I am a firm believer in not trying to fix something that is not broken. I’ve streamlined a few things so far, and I’ll probably make a few more minor changes as I see the needs, but there is not much for me to change right now. Thank you Mr. Tacke!

Having lived in Fairfield for the past 19 years, and with my wife teaching in Fairfield, I already know most of the staff here. Some I know very well, and others are more like acquaintances right now. I am excited for the opportunity to get to know them better, and I’m excited to meet the new staff members that we will have!

“Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” That quote is attributed to the legendary basketball coach, John Wooden. There will surely be obstacles in the upcoming school year. The key to overcoming those obstacles is to figure out what small steps you can take to start to overcome them. I am excited to be a part of the “Tradition of Excellence” at Fairfield Public Schools, and would like to let everyone know that I am here to help.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email or call me or stop by my office.

Paul Wilson

7-12 Principal

Transportation Director

Marshall Lagge, JHAD

JH sports thoughts:

Hello junior high parents and athletes. I hope you have had and continue to have a good summer! As we approach the fall seasons please remember to get all of your paperwork completed (physical, concussion waiver, training rules) so you are eligible to compete. All of these can be found on dragonfly. Also make sure and pay for your activity ticket through Brenda at the front office or through infinite campus.

The entire sports year schedule can be found on the school calendar so please take a look so you can plan ahead. Shot clocks will be utilized in basketball this year, if you are willing to help with this please let me know.

I would also like to welcome Angel Diaz as our new football coach! He is excited to get going this fall.

I look forward to the academic and sports year. There are many lessons to be learned in athletics and I feel very fortunate to work with your kids. Enjoy the rest of summer!

Mike Schmidt, HSAD

As the sports year approaches, parents who have a child participating in High School football and/or volleyball need to fill out all paperwork on DRAGONFLY MAX ( The required paperwork includes the following documents.

1. Concussion Form (parents and Students initials)

2. Training Rules (Parents and Students)

3. Electronic Signature Authorization (Parents)

4. MHSA approved Physical (Front)

5. MHSA approved Physical (Back)

Items 1-3 forms are available online and authorization is simply to read and digitally sign. Items 4 and 5 need to be printed and taken to your child's physician who will fill it out and then the parents will need to upload it.

Remember that a parent must:

1. Have an account on dragonfly with their child as a sub account.

2. The parent must add themselves into the team of: Volleyball Varsity or Football Varsity (No other teams)…be sure you are in the correct school!

If they do not add themselves into the correct school and team their paperwork will not show up.

Here is a link to the DRAGONFLYMAX Instructions and information.

A big reminder to all, and especially new 9th graders and HS football players. There are 3 separate schools. Fairfield High School, Fairfield Junior High, and Fairfield Augusta Coop. Athletes need to be part of the correct school before adding sports and uploading documents.

Thanks and we look forward to a great fall sports season.

New Staff

Mrs. Kari Cleveland: Elementary Title/RtI

Mrs. Char Tacke: Elementary Title/RtI

Mrs. Shawnee Coverdell: Team Teach 6th/JH Title/RtI

Mrs. Shayla Smith: High School English

Ms. Jenna Woerner: High School English

Mrs. Kari Cleveland

Mrs. Cleveland will be teaching Title I Reading and Math as well as part of the Rti team this coming school year. She grew up in Great Falls and has been teaching there for the past 13 years. Mrs. Cleveland graduated from Montana State University with a degree in Elementary Education and continued on to receive her Masters in Literacy from the University of Texas Arlington. Kari is married to Zac and they have three young boys. Trygg will be starting second grade, Teak will be starting Early K, and Tyse has a few more years before he is officially a Fairfield Eagle. Mrs. Cleveland enjoys spending time with her family fishing, gardening, and watching her boys in their extra-curricular activities. She is excited to be a part of the Fairfield community and work alongside her students to help them grow and succeed!

Big picture

Mrs. Shayla Smith

Mrs. Shayla Smith

A bit about me:

1. I have been teaching English for six years.

2. I taught one year in Malta, and five years in Choteau.

3. I have also worked as a Paraprofessional for a year in Darby.

4. I teach Junior Church, Awana, and work with VBS at the Choteau Baptist Church.

5. I have two wonderful children who will be joining FF elementary school this fall.

6. My husband was a firefighter for ten years and now he owns Great Plains Builders.

7. I worked with the Farm to School Program in Darby for a couple of years as a coordinator, and then a volunteer.

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Ms. Jenna Woerner

Ms. Jenna Woerner

Ms. Woerner grew up in a farming community in central Illinois, but she moved to Montana ten years ago and fell in love with the mountains. For her first few years in the area, Ms. Woerner lived and worked in Yellowstone National Park as a tour guide and snowcoach driver, where she discovered a passion for teaching guests about the park's history, geology, hydrothermal features, and more. Wanting to focus more on teaching than touring, Ms. Woerner chose to pursue an English Education degree at Montana State University where she recently graduated in May. This will be Ms. Woerner's first year teaching, and she is excited to get to know Fairfield and to be a part of such a welcoming community.

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Mrs. Char Tacke

I am happy to rejoin the wonderful staff at Fairfield. I am looking forward to helping the students and staff in my new position.
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Mrs. Shawnee Coverdell

My name is Shawnee Coverdell. I was born and raised in Butte, MT, and just recently moved to Fairfield with my husband, Cantor. I received my degree from Montana State University (GO CATS GO) & I’m currently working on my masters. This will be my second year teaching! In my spare time, I love to hangout with my dog, Baylor, spend time outdoors & listen to podcasts! I am so excited to be apart of the Eagle family!!!
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School Calendar 22-23

School Supply List


Dining Fees

Breakfast K-12 $1.50

Reduced K-12 $.30

Breakfast - Adults $2.00

Lunch - K-5 $2.30

Lunch 6-12 - $2.80

Reduced K-12-$.30

Adults $4.20

Activity Tickets

Student Activity Ticket K-12 - $35

Adult Activity Ticket - $70

Pay to Play 5-12

$30 - 1 sport

$60 - max per child

$100 - max per family

Pay to Play for Free & Reduced

$15 - 1 sport

$30 - max per child

$50 - max per family

Free and Reduced Meals Application

Children need healthy meals to learn. Fairfield Schools offers healthy meals every school day.

Breakfast costs: full price $1.50 K-12 and Reduced costs $.30.

Lunch cost: K-5 costs $2.30, 6-12 costs $2.80 and Reduced K-12 cost is $.40 Your children may qualify for free meals or for reduced-price meals.

Free and Reduced Form is attached to this newsletter. This is a vital part of our school funding. These are completely confidential and help us to obtain critical funding for areas of our school. Please take the time to look at and fill out the application! Many thanks.

Breakfast/Lunch additional ala carte charges permission form

Extra items a student wants to eat will be charged to the students account. Including extra milks and juices, bars etc at breakfast. Please read the following document thoroughly and turn into the offices by September 10, 2022!!!

Athletic Schedules

Physical Form for any athlete in grades 5-12 for school sponsored activities

Concussion Form for any athlete in grades 5-12 for school sponsored activities

Training Rules Form for any athlete in grades 5-12 for school sponsored activities

Dragonfly link for all sports participation 7-12

This is where you will need to upload your physical form, training rules and concussion form before the beginning of the sport you want to participate in.

High School Registration

Registration for the school year will be held in the High School Media Center on Thursday, August 18, 2021 as follows:

Seniors 9:00 - l0:30

Juniors l0:30 - l2:00

Sophomores l:00 - 2:30

Freshman 2:30 - 4:00 – Parents are welcome to attend registration and be introduced to classes and expectations.



Fairfield Public Schools is making a list of individuals interested in substituting at either the elementary or high school level. If you are interested in substituting, please call 467-2528 or submit the form below.

Eagle Pride Boosters

Dear Families,

On behalf of Eagle Pride, we would like to welcome everyone back to school for the 2022-2023 school year. We are so excited to kick off this school year!! Many have asked what is Eagle Pride? We are the PTO/Booster that consists of parents and teachers working together to support and enrich all students. We support school staff, help promote student self-esteem, and assist in efforts to solve school needs through volunteering and funding.

What is Eagle Pride and who can join?

Right now, we have a few members: Kimberly Lattin, Nikki Misner, Angelica Mcnary, and Angel Wall, and not to mention our wonderful school staff and volunteers. So, who can join? If you’re a father, mother, protector, guardian, and/or a person who teaches or instructs at Fairfield, we would love for you to join in whenever you can.

Eagle Pride Programs & Fundraising

So, this School year our goal with Eagle Pride will be to be more present throughout different events such as sporting events and other activities within the school. We will be having a few different items of Spirit gear for purchase such as, School flags, to Stuffed Eagles, and some other items. We are encouraging everyone to wear their Fairfield Blue on every Friday!! If needing an Eagle shirt, there are some down at the Drug Store for sale! Over the Summer Eagle Pride painted the outside basketball hoop backboards, participated in Swim Days Parade, sponsored a few students in our local football camp, and put on a Sports Swap (Aug 8th); with proceeds going back to the Pay to Play program. During the School Year we have some fun new ideas not only for Fundraising but supporting our amazing Staff and outstanding Students!!

Become a Volunteer….Why YOU should get involved!

As you can see, we are a small and busy group. This is where you can come in! We need your help, and so do your child(ren). A special thanks to all of our volunteers from last year for all their hard work and dedication. Here at Fairfield, we strive for excellence and what better way than to become involved today. We are in need of growth and are seeking volunteers to continue re-establishing the organization. We have planned some exciting events this year in hopes to get more parents involved. Eagle Pride is a team effort in which we cannot succeed on our own. Please come and join us by signing up or contacting Kimberly Lattin 406-750-7584, Nikki Misner 989-387-0007


Kimberly Lattin

ESSA Notices to Parents

Asbestos Notice

Food Pantry Form

School Wellness Policy

High School Registration

Thursday, Aug. 18th, 9am

HS Library

Registration for the school year will be held in the High School Media Center on Thursday, August 18, 2021 as follows:

Seniors 9:00 - l0:30

Juniors l0:30 - l2:00

Sophomores l:00 - 2:30

Freshman 2:30 - 4:00 – Parents are welcome to attend registration and be introduced to classes and expectations.

eK-8 Back to School Night

Tuesday, Aug. 23rd, 5pm

13 7th Street South

Fairfield, MT

Back to School Night will be on August 23rd from 5-6 PM. This is a casual event in which students can see/meet their teacher and bring their supplies! We have found that this process makes for an easier transition on the first day of school. Junior High students are encouraged to attend to get their lockers and their schedules.