Destination Outter Space

Come join us on the moon on Dec 12th, 2017!

Costs only $90,000 so start saving up now!

Health Risk..

Some health risk in space can be..

- Forgetting to wear your space ends with a result of dying.

- Not working out ends with a result of having weak muscles when you come back to Earth.

- You also need to bring lots of food because lack food and water can meet to death.

Daily Activites Include..

- The station crew spends their day working on science experiments that require their input, as well as monitoring those that are controlled from the ground.

- They also take part in medical experiments to determine how well their bodies are adjusting to living in microgravity for long periods of time.

- They even endurance the maintenance and health of the orbiting platform.

- The Mission Control Center constantly monitors the space station and sends messages each day through voice or email with new instructions or plans to assist the crew members in their daily routines.

Packing List for Survivial..

1 pair of shoes for the treadmill
1 pair of shoes for the bike
1 pair of exercise shorts for every 3 days of exercise
1 T-shirt for every 3 days of exercise
1 work shirt for every 10 days
1 T-shirt for under the workshirt for every 10 days
1 pair work pants/shorts for every 10 days
1 pair underwear for every 2 days
1 pair socks for every 2 days
2 sweaters
2 pairs Russian overalls (optional)

A View From Space

The Food Menu