Teacher Leadership

Blended and Personalized Learning

It’s Not You, It’s Me: Meeting the Needs to Today’s Learner

Meeting the needs of today’s learners in yesterday’s classroom is like trying to mix oil and water. You know it (or maybe you’re still skeptical). You want to respond but there’s no time to consider the shifts that are happening before our eyes.

Distracted, confident, entitled, demanding, short attention span, used to instant gratification are just a few of the words and phrases used to describe today’s generation of learners. So how do you respond? What can stay the same about your practice? What needs to change? In this course:

  • Understand the real why behind the need for change

  • Explore ideas and strategies to meet the needs of today’s learners

  • Practice strategies and ideas

  • Share and collaborate with a group of others in a digital and face-to-face environment

Session 1: Blended/Personalized Learning- What is it and Why is it important?

Session 2: Creating a Classroom Culture to Support Blended/Personalized Learning

Session 3: Teaching & learning Tools & Strategies That Support Blended /Personalized Learning

Session 4: Sustaining Blended/Personalized Learning

For best experience, send a team of teachers and instructional coaches who support them!

This is designed to be a blended course in that we will meet approximately 15 hours face-to-face and the rest of your work will be online and through classroom application of the things you are learning about.

3 graduate credits available.