Why you should work as one

Job overview

This job is good for people who like planes, and fixing them. You can travel and repair the planes, and get lots of money and have fun.

What you need to succeed

In high school some good classes are engineering, and besides collage you may need to attend flight school.

Average education cost

23,464 at UW Madison, and the total tuition cost is about 50,000 to 60,000

Some of the professional groups

Lear jet is a leading manufacture of private aircraft, and are top of the line, and state of the ark

1. Bombardier Lear jet:

Lockheed Martin is one of the most well known aircraft providers, and have the record for the fastest maned aircraft in the world. 2. Lockheed Martin:

Pros and cons of this career


high wage

Clean work conditions

Doing what you would want to do


Costs of Having to travel

Times frames to work


Aeronautics, the best job ever, like really, the best job ever. You get to work with some of the most expensive aircraft in the world, and after that live in the most expensive house in the world. You can get payed between 51,000 to 91,000 dollars Every year. You can fix, fly, and watch airplanes and have fun doing it. All you need is a bachelors in aerospace, and then off to the hanger!


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