Product Manufacturing- Peg leg

By: Chief and Travis

Define the problem/ description

The goal is to design a product that is helpful to someone that is handicapped in some way. for this project, we came up with the idea to make a prosthetic limb, knowing that we must make it, we settled for a peg leg. A peg leg is a prosthetic limb made to replace the leg. A peg leg is a cheap and inexpensive device compared to a modern prosthetic limb.


While researching, we found that many peg legs are made of wood. They are also very iconic for pirates, so the people that our product is focused towards are pirates. Which pirates still exist, they are known as Somalian pirates. So maybe we can sell to pirates.

Peg leg with cupholder

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Peg Leg with Cupholder

We decided to surpass that of the standard peg leg by adding a convenient cup holder to the prosthetic limb, this allows the legless people/pirates to have a leg, and a handy place to store their cups. It could also hold their weapons if they wanted it to.


We decided to add a rubber stopper to the bottom to increase friction. by increasing friction, we help prevent the legless people/pirates from slipping on their new limb. this prevents injury and helps stabilize them. Ships move a lot, and we all know that pirates can't attack other ships if they can't balance on a ship.

Technology areas

This design is a very simple one. by making it simple, it will be easy to manufacture and mass produce.


Impact on society

By helping the crippled people, it allows them to get back on their leg, and continue to work, unless they are pirates, in which case they will continue to rob. Although this is not a very great impact for merchant ships and other travelers by a ship (if our buyers are pirates) but this is how pirates make a living.

This limb is also for wannabe pirates and cos-players, because who doesn't want to live the pirate life. Think of what your friends and family are going to say as you hobble your way around on your brand new peg leg, Now including a cup holder.

Tool setup

Quality control

To ensure top peg-leg quality, all peg-legs go through intensive testing to ensure they will not break under use.

flow of production

Overall production is quick, and cheap

  • The wood will begin by being cut into the specific dimensions given by the buyer
  • It is then cut and sanded down to a conical shape
  • A rubber stopper is then added to the end of the leg