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Information for Graduating Seniors

Feedback on Senior Activities and Graduation

Class of 2020 Seniors and Families,

As seniors wrap up their time in LPS, we hope that each student has enjoyed the celebrations that have taken place over the last few weeks including distribution of yard signs, Friday Night Lights, and the wonderful car parades that took place yesterday. There is more to come.

We want to say thank you to everyone who provided feedback to us on the recent Class of 2020 Event survey that was distributed. We collected valuable information from you that has helped us guide our focus on how to celebrate our students over the coming weeks and months. Based on both feedback and guidelines for mass gatherings, we would like to update you on some upcoming plans:

  • As you likely know, we had originally scheduled June 14 as one of the proposed make-up dates for Commencement ceremonies. Unfortunately, this is not going to be possible due to current local restrictions on mass gatherings. We will now shift our focus to the July 19make-up date for Commencement ceremonies at Silverstein Eye Center. We will be in regular contact with local health officials in the coming weeks to make a determination if this date will be possible. Please know that if we are able to move forward with this date, seating will likely be limited, thus ticket allotments for families would be limited as well. If the determination is made that this event cannot occur at this site, plans would be shared to host events back at our respective high schools.
  • Based on survey data and the uncertainties that exist, we will be presenting a Virtual Baccalaureateevent on Friday, July 10. More details will be shared with families in the coming weeks regarding viewing details. Please know that a team will be working on this project to make this a meaningful and memorable experience for our students and families.
  • Survey data that was reviewed this week was clear that student attendance at prom events in late July would be extremely limited. This data, coupled with the uncertainties that exist with securing venues, has assisted us in making the decision to forego a traditional prom this year. However, we have asked our Student Council at each school to work together to come up with a senior celebration activity for students in July that would occur in a safe and healthy environment and one that meets health guidelines. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

We cannot thank our students and families enough for your patience and flexibility as we have continued to navigate through these unprecedented times. Please know that we remain committed to providing memorable experiences for our Class of 2020 this spring/summer. While exactly how Commencement will look remains somewhat uncertain, be assured that it will be conducted in a safe and healthy manner, and one that celebrates our nearly 1,000 LPS graduates.

Thank you so much for your understanding.

Dr. Julie Moore

Executive Director of Secondary Education

Liberty Public Schools

Liberty, MO


Senior Check-Out Information - Please Read

Liberty Academy seniors will complete the end of year process at their HOME high schools.

LHS: Wednesday, May 20 from 9:00-11:00 AM at LHS

LN: Thursday, May 21 from 9:00-11:00 AM at LN

During this come and go time, seniors will be able to take care of:

  • Laptops: turn-in laptop, charger/brick, and bag
  • Yearbooks: Pick-up yearbooks if they purchased one
  • Jostens: Pick up graduation materials, cap/gown, etc. If you need to contact Jostens about your order, please call Jeff Enger at 816-523-4900.

If possible, please wear a mask and limit your time in the building as much as possible.

LHS Stations for Seniors

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Seniors need to pick up something at LA?

A few students have shared that they have something at LA that they need to pick up before summer. In order to create a safe environment, students should follow the schedule below if they need to retrieve anything from Liberty Academy. The designated dates/times are assigned to students by the first letter of their last name.

Building access for LA students to quickly retrieve items before summer:

Wednesday, May 20th from 2:00-4:00: Last names start with A-I

Thursday, May 21st from 12:00-2:00: Last names start with J-O

Friday, May 22nd from 10:00-12:00: Last names start with P-Z

Notes for families:

  • We recommend students wearing face coverings such as a cloth mask if possible. See the Surgeon General tutorial to make a mask from home in 30 seconds:

  • Everyone entering the building needs to follow the social distancing guidelines.

  • The student should be the only one to enter the building. No siblings or parents in order to limit contact.

  • For those needing to pick up medications, please contact 736-7777 to arrange for pickup with district security at the District Administration Center.

  • Seniors will return laptops at the home high school on the designated date/time.

***If families do not feel comfortable having the student come into the building, you can email to make arrangements to pick up the items at another time without getting out of your vehicle.

Grading Deadline is Coming!

Teachers must have grades COMPLETED by 11:00 on Wednesday. This means students need to have everything turned in by Tuesday at 5:00 in order for grading to occur! Please be in contact with your advisor!

IF you are a senior and you do not finish by Wednesday, this is what will happen:

1. You will receive an F for any course that is incomplete.

KEEP WORKING....ONCE YOU FINISH the course, your teacher will complete a grade change form.

If you complete all graduation requirements before the actual ceremony occurs (but after the Wednesday deadline), are you eligible to walk in the ceremony?

Senior Car Parade Information

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